Knesset approves law to limit conditions for Netanyahu ouster

The Knesset ratified on Thursday a law that restricts the conditions under which an Israeli prime minister can be removed, legislation that opponents of incumbent Benjamin Netanyahu say is designed to shield him from facing legal heat from his ongoing corruption trial.
The bill, which became law after passing in second and third hearings with 61 lawmakers voting in favor to 47 against, expands upon a quasi-constitutional Basic Law and stipulates that a sitting prime minister can be declared unfit and forced to step down if they or three-quarters of cabinet ministers declare them so on physical or psychological grounds.
The legislation was rushed through the Israeli parliament due to Netanyahu allies’ fear that the Supreme Court would force Netanyahu to take a leave of absence as his government’s push to overhaul the judicial system may place him in a conflict of interest pertaining to his legal woes.
Although the coalition and the opposition agreed to cap deliberations on the bill at 16 hours, the opposition recognized at a certain point that the coalition might not have the required majority and filibustered the session that was scheduled to end Wednesday afternoon until 6am the following morning.
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