Israeli businessman named as target of Iranian assassination plot in Georgia

Yitzhak Moshe says he has faith in the security services and is not concerned about the threat of assassination; adds Israelis abroad are on the frontline in war against antisemitism, and must be on alert everywhere

Itamar Eichner|
The security services in Georgia on Tuesday said they identified Israeli businessman living in that country as the target of an Pakistani hit squad, allegedly hired by Iran.
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  • The security services said they thwarted the assassination attempt on Yitzhak Moshe, which was supposed to have been carried out bya Pakistani man and assisted by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).
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    איציק משה היעד לפיגוע האיראני בגאורגיה
    איציק משה היעד לפיגוע האיראני בגאורגיה
    Itsik Moshe
    "I'm not afraid and trust the security forces," Moshe said in an interview with Ynet. "My activity for Israel fulfills me, no assassination attempt will stop me. Israelis in the diaspora are on the frontline in the war against antisemitism, and we have to be careful in every country."
    The IRGC planned the attack with teams from different countries. According to Georgia, a Pakistani hit squad affiliated with Al-Qaeda arrived in Tbilisi, gathered extensive intelligence on Moshe, and achieved high operational readiness to carry out the assassination.
    One of the hitmen was arrested last week after raising suspicion, and was found to be in possession of weapons and other incriminating items.
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    תרגיל צבאי של לוחמי משמרות המהפכה של איראן בצפון-מערב המדינה 17 באוקטובר
    תרגיל צבאי של לוחמי משמרות המהפכה של איראן בצפון-מערב המדינה 17 באוקטובר
    Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps
    (Photo: Reuters)
    The security forces also arrested two people holding dual Georgian and Iranian citizenship, who were allegedly responsible for providing the Pakistani assailants with weapons, smuggled from Turkey.
    A security official accused Iran of continuously promoting terror worldwide through proxies. "Iran will pay a heavy price on the international stage for its activities, and legal, economic and political measures are being considered by members of the international community. Among other things, officials in the European Union consider declaring the IRGC as a terrorist organization," the official said.

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