Mothers of hostages featured in British newspapers: "Wept bitterly when they saw photos of their children'

'Bring our babies home,' read the headline in the British tabloid The Sun next to a photo of Renana Jacob, Batsheva Yahalomi and Hadas Calderon, who arrived in London and met reporters; The Times called for the release of the hostages, and the British media, which are generally considered biased, were not indifferent

Three Israeli mothers sit with sad faces and plead with the world to return their kidnapped children, who are in Gaza. The powerful image was published in the British Times, one of the most important newspapers in the world and in The Sun, which is one of the highest circulation newspapers in the United Kingdom. The Sun even went above and beyond: the newspaper's cameraman photographed the three mothers holding the issue of The Sun which features the pictures of all the kidnapped children.
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"Three desperate mums of kidnapped kids dragged into Gaza wept yesterday as they saw their lost loved ones pictured in a moving appeal by The Sun," read the news published Wednesday in Britain.
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האימהות הישראליות בתקשורת הבריטית
האימהות הישראליות בתקשורת הבריטית
Israeli mothers of Gaza hostages featured in The Sun
The mothers, Renana Jacob, the mother of Or, 16, and Yagel, 12, who were kidnapped from Kibbutz Nir Oz; Batsheva Yahalomi, mother of Eitan, 12, who became famous when she was kidnapped together with her two young daughters to Gaza, but managed to escape and returned to Israel; and Hadas Calderon, whose five family members, including the father of her children and her two children, Sahar, 16, and Erez, 12, were kidnapped from Kibbutz Nir Oz, arrived in London as part of an international campaign calling for the release of the hostages in Gaza.
On Tuesday, a small press conference was held in London, initiated by art collector Batia Ofer, wife of businessman Idan Ofer. The couple invited journalists and photographers from the leading media outlets in Britain, who were horrified by the stories of the three crying mothers.
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האימהות הישראליות בתקשורת הבריטית
האימהות הישראליות בתקשורת הבריטית
Israeli mothers of Gaza hostages featured in British newspapers
Media outlets that are considered to be biased in their coverage against Israel, such as The Guardia and The Independent, attended the event and covered it. On Wednesday morning the cries of the mothers were already heard in the leading media outlets in Britain: The Sun devoted a long article and placed in it the pictures of the kidnapped children next to the pictures of the mothers and called for the release of the hostages.
The Times published a heartbreaking headline: "Israeli mothers in London beg for return of hostage children." The BBC noted that the mothers also met with the Qatari ambassador in the UK and urged him to forward their request for the return of the kidnapped children to the authorities in Doha.
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