Sky News accusation Israel values Palestinian lives less, goes viral

At least 12 million views of clip showing veteran Sky broadcaster Kay Burley suggesting Israel agrees to releasing three Palestinians for each hostage freed, is indication of its view of Palestinian lives; Burley says she just posed question


Just one day after a spokesperson for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was dumbfounded by a question that he was posed in an interview with Sky News, a clip of his reaction went viral. Kay Burley, a veteran moderator on Sky News asked Levy if the fact that Israel was prepared to release three Palestinian prisoners in exchange for each hostage held by Hamas, meant Israel valued Palestinian lives less than the lives of Israelis.
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Levy was stunned and needed a second to respond. "That is an astonishing accusation!" Levy exclaimed. "It is outrageous to suggest that the fact that we willing to release prisoners who were convicted of terrorist offenses, more of them than we are getting out own innocent children back, somehow suggests that we don't care about Palestinian lives, really that is a disgusting accusation."

"We often put one side of an argument to a guest so they can offer a counterclaim Yesterday, I raised a controversial view from an earlier guest to allow another to respond Each morning we’re dedicated to presenting fairly the news of this war," Burley wrote in a post on X although she did not apologize for her line of questioning or the suggestion she made about Israeli morals.
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צילום: מערך ההסברה הלאומי
צילום: מערך ההסברה הלאומי
Eylon Levy
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In an interview for GB News, a right-wing media outlet, Levy said he was flabbergasted by the question posed by Burley. He said the effort to turn Israel's willingness to do anything to free innocent children and turn it into a narrative of de-humanization of Israel, is outrageous. He went on to say that the coverage of the British Media shows Israel was not given a fare shake.
"We’re trying to present our side of the story. We're explaining why we're having to fight this awful war… and why we have no choice but to win," he said. "To take the suffering and the trauma that we have suffered, the deadliest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust and to somehow turn this against us and to turn us into the villains shows an atrocious degree really of total moral bankruptcy. "
Meanwhile Levy's astonished expression when hearing the question, has become a meme, causing him, some delight. He posted it on his social media feed saying, "Look at me, mummy, I’m a GIF."
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