Terror victim's widow slams PM for false claims

Tal Tamari says despite Netanyahu's claims that all accounts with terrorists settled, her husband's murderer is still free; Terrorist appears on Hamas TV to tell how and why he committed his murderous attack

Elisha Ben Kimon, Einav Halabi|
The wife of a man killed in a terror attack last May, said on Wednesday, that comments made by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the day earlier, were hurtful. "Until now, the country held accountable anyone who murdered Israelis," Netanyahu said after the terror attack in Ma'ale Adumim, on Tuesday. but in his statement, Netanyahu omitted at least one terrorist who murdered Meir Tamari outside the West Bank Settlement of Halamish, and his wife has taken offense.
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"I heard the words of the prime minister, and it's painful and very difficult for me because, in our case, it's not true - the terrorists have not been captured yet," Tal Tamari said. "What about Meir's murderer? On one hand, it's disappointing, and on the other hand, there's an expectation that it will happen. I want to believe that everything is being done to apprehend the terrorists, but the amount of time that has passed is distressing."
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מאיר תמרי ז"ל
מאיר תמרי ז"ל
Tal Tamari and her late husband Meir Tamari
"No military official has spoken to me about the matter," she added. "It's defies logic that the terrorists are still alive while Meir is not. Where is the IDF deterrence and the government that should protect its citizens?" she said. "It's something that citizens expect, and I'm waiting for justice. Time goes by, and they don't update me, and the lack of news is worrying because even if everything is being done, it's important to keep me informed."
According to Palestinian reports, the terrorist who murdered Meir was seen in the Jenin refugee camp last month, but his whereabouts were still unclear. Officials said there was a high probability that he was still in the camp. He gave an interview the Hamas "Al-Aqsa" television channel last week, with his face blurred and his voice altered.
The terrorist who murdered Meir in an interview to Hamas
(Video: Al-Aqsa television channel)
"I have been wanted for four months," the terrorist said in the interview. "In September last year, we shot at the checkpoint, and I was in Shin Bet custody for four months. I was released in January and stayed at home for almost three months until March. During Ramadan, the military came for me, and that's when I went to the camp. There is a nationalist atmosphere there. There are wanted people and weapons; it's real. There are barriers and cameras. You can't live in an environment where you don't feel connected" he said.
"On the way to the [May] attack, I prayed to God to light my path. We succeeded, prayed, and read the Quran. I said, 'Oh God, this is your way,' when we reached the settler we killed him and then left," he said describing his fatal attack outside Halamish. "It's a path you choose; no one forces you to kill. The occupation arrests children, women, and religious clerics. It destroys homes, violates holy places, and attacks women and the Mourabitat at Al-Aqsa Mosque. All of this has a purpose. Why kill them? Because they are killing us. We follow the Quran, which is our book and our faith, and we follow the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him," he said.
"We can't free the land, so they should not live in peace. We must resist. There will be no peace between us and the occupation ever. It doesn't matter who comes, whether it's the Palestinian Authority or the government, claiming there is peace - we must continue to resist the occupation."
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