US urges Israel to investigate footage of Palestinian shot during clash with IDF

State Department demands Jerusalem to launch 'objective, thorough' probe into video showing Palestinian shot, allegedly by Israeli security forces, while his back turned to them
Footage of Palestinian being allegedly shot by forces

The U.S. government called on Israel on Wednesday to thoroughly and objectively investigate footage taken on Monday in which a Palestinian was seen being shot, allegedly by Israeli Border Police soldiers, while his back was turned to them.
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“We are alarmed by reports of an Israeli shooting an unarmed Palestinian civilian from behind as the latter was walking away from an Israeli position,” the U.S. State Department said. “The United States urges a rapid completion of an objective, thorough investigation into the incident, which we understand is ongoing, and calls for full accountability in this case.”
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הסהר האדום: 8 פצועים, אחד מהם בראש, נורו על ידי הכיבוש במהלך העימותים בביתא, דרומית לשכם
הסהר האדום: 8 פצועים, אחד מהם בראש, נורו על ידי הכיבוש במהלך העימותים בביתא, דרומית לשכם
Palestinian allegedly shot by security forces near Huwara
The incident occurred on Monday in the Palestinian village of Beita, near Huwara, while security forces were conducting a search for the terrorist who murdered Shai Silas Nigreker and his son Aviad Nir last week.
Clashes with Palestinian rioters erupted during the operation, prompting forces to fire toward two rioters. The Palestinians claim that the house circled by the troops was empty. Later, the Red Crescent reported that eight people were injured as a result of the gunfire and added that one of them suffered a head injury and was evacuated to the hospital in critical condition.
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יחידה חדשה במג"ב
יחידה חדשה במג"ב
Border Police forces
(Photo: Border Police)
In response, the Border Police said: "During the security forces' operation aimed at apprehending a terror suspect in Beita, violent riots erupted, putting the forces' lives at risk. During the riots, Palestinians hurled rocks and bricks at the forces, who responded by using riot gear. As the riots intensified, the level of means used escalated accordingly. Additionally, troops used live fire, and some hits were registered. The case's circumstance is currently under investigation.
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