Israel anti-hate campaign showing Netanyahu as Nazi goes wrong

Organizers say purpose of the posters was to illustrate consequences of incitement as part of an exhibition dedicated to Yitzhak Rabin, but things quickly went sideways after Likud said they will file police complaint

Tamar Hadad Trabelsi, Sivan Hilaie|
One of the Israeli schools was under fire on Monday after its anti-hate campaign portraying Benjamin Netanyahu as a Nazi went viral for all the wrong reasons.
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  • The elementary school in Ramat Gan said the campaign was meant to illustrate the dangers of demonization and actually show Netanyahu as the victim. However, the campaign went sideways after Netanyahu's Likud party said it will file a police complaint.
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    התמונות בתצוגה של בית הספר
    התמונות בתצוגה של בית הספר
    The posters at the elementary school
    The organizers said the posters were part of an anti-hate exhibition staged in memory of Former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, and designed to illustrate the consequences of incitement.
    The posters showed Netanyahu dressed as Hitler, with a swastika symbol performing the Nazi salute, as well as next to a hanging rope. Other images even showed Rabin dressed in Nazi SS uniform - allegedly meant to illustrate the incitement that led to the late premier's assassination continues to this day.
    Parents, however, were left outraged by the school's conduct, and claimed the message could have been delivered in a milder manner. "The children learned about the Nazis and Hitler, and now they see Netanyahu next to those symbols," said one of the parents.
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    התמונות בתצוגה של בית הספר
    התמונות בתצוגה של בית הספר
    The inciting posters
    "They will assume Netanyahu is similar to Hitler, it's absurd that the incitement across the country reached the schoolchildren."
    The Ramat Gan Municipality said that one of the teachers at the school, who hung the posters up, was summoned to the Education Ministry for an explanation.
    "As soon as the ministry found out about the event, it demanded to remove all the posters before the children's arrival," the ministry said.
    The affair was first revealed by a member of the Ramat Gan Municipality earlier on Monday.
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    התמונות בתצוגה של בית הספר
    התמונות בתצוגה של בית הספר
    A poster of Benjamin Netanyahu and a hanging rope
    However, Ramat Gan Deputy Mayor Roi Barzilai reviewed the incident and found the issue not to be as severe as presented.
    "The campaign didn't put Netanyahu at the forefront, it was only a part of the exhibition in order to illustrate the inciting discourse in Israel," he said.
    "The exhibition board explicitly stated the aim was to address all parts of the Israeli society. No more violence and incitement. It is unfortunate that one of the Ramat Gan Municipality members decided to only leak half of the story, without presenting a wider picture."
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