Hamas fires anti-aircraft missile at IDF helicopters attacking Gaza

Israeli strike comes after rocket fire at Tel Aviv, which Hamas claims was triggered by lightning storm; Israeli officials believe Islamic Jihad was behind rocket attack; terror group's firing of Sam-7 at IAF considered rare response

Yoav Zitun, Elior Levy|Updated:
Israel struck Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip, late on Saturday in response to rocket fire earlier in the day, prompting the terror group to fire anti-aircraft missiles at Israeli helicopters.
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  • According to the IDF, the strike targeted Hamas' rocket production sites as well as military posts along the border, claiming the Gaza rulers were responsible for all violent attacks originating from the enclave.
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    התקיפה בעזה, הלילה
    התקיפה בעזה, הלילה
    IDF strike in Gaza overnight
    (Photo: AFP)
    In a rare move, Hamas fired two anti-aircraft Sam-7 missiles at the Israeli helicopters carrying out the strikes.
    "IDF fighter jets, helicopters and tanks struck a rocket manufacturing site, and military posts belonging to the Hamas terror organization," said the IDF Spokesperson's Unit.
    "Hamas is responsible and bears the consequences for all activity in and emanating from the Gaza Strip."
    IDF strikes Hamas targets in Gaza in response to rocket fire on Tel Aviv coast
    The uptick in the violence came after two rockets had been fired from Gaza, which in the Mediterranean Sea, west of Tel Aviv.
    Hamas claimed the rocket launch was triggered by a lightning storm and was not instigated by the terror group but officials in Israel said they believed the Islamic Jihad was behind the incident.
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    יפו שיגור טיל טילים עזה טרור חמאס
    יפו שיגור טיל טילים עזה טרור חמאס
    Gaza rockets land in the sea off the coast of Jaffa on Saturday
    Saturday, January 1 marked the anniversary of the founding of the Palestinian Fatah organization and the Islamic Jihad's rocket fire could be seen as a message to the Palestinian Authority that while its president - Mahmoud Abbas - was willing to meet with Defense Minister Benny Gantz, the Islamist group was willing to attack Tel Aviv, according to some observers.
    First published: 07:34, 01.02.22
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