Watch: Gazans swarm aid trucks under Hamas gunfire in Gaza City

Footage shows large crowds of Gazans swarming incoming humanitarian aid trucks, and fleeing shortly afterward amid sounds of gunfire

Hadar Adi|
Gazans vying for aid packages

Crowds of Gaza residents swarmed Sunday on the humanitarian aid arriving in Gaza City, with footage showing them taking anything they could find in an area where aid scarcely reaches. In one of the videos, gunfire can be heard, followed by the dispersal of the crowds.
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According to Palestinians, although unverified, it was Israeli forces who opened fire, shooting toward residents while they waited for aid on Al-Rashid Street. The IDF stated that the incident was not familiar to them.
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עזתים מתנפלים על משאיות הסיוע בצפון הרצועה
עזתים מתנפלים על משאיות הסיוע בצפון הרצועה
Gazans swarming the aid trucks in Gaza City
Meanwhile, and not for the first time, reports in the Gaza Strip have surfaced regarding messages allegedly sent to residents - seemingly from the IDF - requesting tips on the whereabouts of the Israeli hostages held by Hamas. The messages promise a high cash reward for any individual providing relevant information.
In recent weeks, IDF Arabic Spokesman Lt. Col. Avichay Adraee has released various videos showing protests against Hamas in the Gaza Strip, where residents call for the overthrow of the organization and even name senior members. For example, in a video published recently, Gazans are heard saying, "Sinwar and Haniyeh, you are the ones to blame," and also "Go away, Sinwar."
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