Displaced Gazan masses call for downfall of Hamas

As IDF intensifies operations in Khan Younis, tens of thousands evacuate via humanitarian corridors; new footage shows them chanting ‘The people want to bring down Hamas,’ part of growing protests against terror group in Strip

Displaced Gazan masses call for downfall of Hamas
(Video: IDF Spokesperson's Unit )

The IDF liaison to the Palestinians shared on Saturday footage showing masses of displaced Gazans calling to bring down Hamas as they flee western Khan Younis where IDF forces are operating.
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According to the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) Major General Ghassan Alian, the footage was shot from the recently opened secure humanitarian corridor from western Khan Younis, allowing movement of Gaza Strip residents westward to the Al-Mawasi humanitarian zone.
Displaced Gazans en route to Rafah as battles intensify in Khan Younis
In the post shared to the COGAT’s Arabic-language Facebook page, Maj. Gen. Alian wrote, "In recent days, we are witnessing more and more public criticism by Gaza residents against the terrorist organization Hamas. The people of the Strip rightly prefer their welfare and the security of their children over the continued military buildup of Hamas and its terrorist activities that harm them and their future."
In recent days, the IDF has released footage of additional protests against Hamas throughout the Gaza Strip, including a video from Deir al-Balah, showing residents holding signs calling for the release of Israeli hostages.
According to IDF Arabic Spokesperson Lt. Col. Avichay Adraee, the residents were heard voicing their desire to return to their homes as soon as possible, seemingly believing that a prisoner exchange deal would facilitate this.
Lt. Col. Adraee addressed the leaders of the terror organization, writing, "Leaders of Hamas-ISIS, led by Sinwar, listen to the cries of your people, your children and your wives expressing their anger about the situation you have caused in Gaza."
Earlier on Saturday, the IDF reported that tens of thousands have already evacuated from Khan Younis southward, via humanitarian corridors opened by the military.
"The safe corridor is opened daily for the evacuation of residents, as the IDF avoids harming civilians in the area during its conflict with Hamas," wrote Adraee.
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הפגנה ליד בבית החולים חללי אל-אקצא בדיר אל-בלח
הפגנה ליד בבית החולים חללי אל-אקצא בדיר אל-בלח
Displaced Gazans call for release of Israeli hostages and end of war
He added, "In recent days, several Gaza citizens have contacted IDF soldiers, claiming that Hamas is preventing them from leaving the area using threats and violence. Our soldiers assisted the civilians on site, including the elderly and sick."
The IDF noted that the humanitarian corridor in Khan Younis was open until 4pm for residents' passage from the Khan Younis neighborhoods to the Al-Mawasi humanitarian zone, west of the city in the southern Gaza Strip.
Gazan photographer Yusuf Yasser published photos of the evacuation and wrote, "The Jews have returned to conquer all of Gaza – we only have Rafah left."
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