Hezbollah affiliated journalist threatens Israeli mayor on social media

Al-Manar correspondent Ali Shuaib posts picture of Eitan Davidi's home under the sight of a gun; 'greetings to the donkey from Margaliot', post reads
A reporter for the Hezbollah affiliated Lebanese news outlet Al-Manar, on Saturday posted a photo of the home of Eitan Davidi, chair of Margaliot, mayor of Margaliot on the border with Lebanon, in the gunsight of a rifle.
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This comes after he was sent threats over a week ago from a foreign phone number via WhatsApp. The threats were also directed at the mayor of Kiryat Shemona and the heads of regional councils in Metula, the Upper Galilee, and the Golan Heights.
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איתן דוידי מקבל איומים מחיזבאללה ברשת X
איתן דוידי מקבל איומים מחיזבאללה ברשת X
Picture posted on X by Ali Shuaib
Hezbollah's threats follow Davidi's statements in the Israeli media saying residents of northern border communities demand that the IDF and government push back the terror organization's operatives from Lebanese towns located along the border with Israel. He also called for the destruction of terror infrastructure in the area, used in the daily fire targeting towns in the Galilee as well as IDF positions.
The photo on X was posted by Ali Shuaib, with the text: "Residents of Merkaba, Hula, and Meiss Ej Jabal send greetings to the donkey from Margaliot, Eitan Davidi, who sought to destroy their towns." Davidi’s photo seen in the post was taken from an interview he gave to Channel 14.
In response, Davidi told Ynet: "They’re trying to intimidate us, and we have no intention of panicking." According to him, he informed the IDF Northern Command of the incident and did not receive any special instructions from them: "I don't intend to stop coming to Margaliot. If the IDF is here, we’re here as well."
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יירוטים בקריית שמונה
יירוטים בקריית שמונה
Hezbollah rockets intercepted over the northern city of Kiryat Shmona in December
(Photo: Efi SHarir )
Davidi added that he’ll continue to lead protests across the northern part of the country, saying, "I say clearly that terrorists need to be removed from the villages from which they fire at us. These places need to be cleared out. I don’t intend to back down from the demand for the safety to our lives in the north."
Kiryat Shemona mayor Avichai Stern, who received similar threats via WhatsApp, responded to the message in Arabic: "Nasrallah, stop sending messages. Your threats are as pathetic as you are. A fearful mouse hiding in a bunker his entire life. Too bad Allah didn't take you in the explosion at the Beirut port.”
“You think Israel will kill you in the war you bring upon your land, but you really should fear your Lebanese brothers seeking revenge for those who destroyed the Switzerland of the Middle East. Every dog has its day, and yours will come any moment now. So instead of sending me messages, take advantage of the opportunity to say farewell to your family and loved ones," he added.
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