Netanyahu released from hospital after monitor implanted in his heart

A day after being hospitalized for dehydration, Netanyahu undergoes heart catheterization and has monitor implanted to measure his heart rate activity. Sheba hospital reports: 'The tests are normal, his condition is very good and he is expected to be released today'
Adir Yanko, Itamar Eichner, Lior El- Hai |Updated:
Ynet has learned that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu underwent a catheterization and a monitoring device was implanted in his heart.
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Netanyahu was released late on Sunday morning from Sheba Hospital, where he was hospitalized Saturday after complaining of feeling unwell and dizziness. A statement from the Prime Minister's office on Sunday morning said that "this morning, Prime Minister Netanyahu continued to undergo tests at the Sheba Medical Center. The tests are normal, his condition is very good and he is expected to be released later today.
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ראש הממשלה בנימין נתיהו בעדכון על מצבו לאחר שאושפז
ראש הממשלה בנימין נתיהו בעדכון על מצבו לאחר שאושפז
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu updates the public on his condition after being hospitalized
Netanyahu, 73, underwent a catheterization under the auspices of the cardiology department, and, Ynet has learned, that a monitoring device was implanted in his heart that tests, among other things, heart rate activity.
Professor Yehuda Adler, a cardiology specialist and medical director, told Ynet Live Sunday morning that the monitor that was implanted is an implantable loop recorder (ILR), a device that tests for arrhythmias. "We must rule out serious conduction disturbances in the heart, so they did the catheterization test for him. The whole dilemma here was whether it was just dehydration or if there is a heart rhythm problem here, and I think that at Sheba Hospital they did an outstanding job."
Adler addressed the question of why Netanyahu was admitted to the medical center in Tel Hashomer, even though he lives in Caesarea, which is near other regional hospitals.
"All the catheters for the brain are in Sheba, so it was decided by Dr. Berkovich, Netanyahu's personal physician, and rightly so, to take the prime minister to Sheba," Adler said.
Netanyahu remained overnight for observation in the cardiology department on the recommendation of the doctors at Sheba Hospital.
The medical incident comes at the end of an active weekend for the prime minister - a weekend that began with a boat trip in the Sea of Galilee and ended in an emergency room. Netanyahu is staying in a room previously given to all prime ministers who were hospitalized in Sheba, which also allows for security and other needs. Because of his hospitalization, the cabinet meeting scheduled for Sunday morning was postponed until Monday.
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ראש הממשלה נתניהו בשייט בכנרת
ראש הממשלה נתניהו בשייט בכנרת
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara on a boat in the Sea of Galilee on June 15, 2023
On Saturday morning, Netanyahu spent time in the Sea of Galilee with his wife Sarah. They ate at a restaurant in Tiberias, and then went for a short cruise on an ecological boat.
"Yesterday I spent time with my wife in the Kinneret in the sun, without a hat, without water, not a good idea," Netanyahu said Saturday night in a video he posted from the hospital. His office reported that according to the initial assessment in the emergency room the prime ministerwas said to be suffering from dehydration.
Vered, the owner of the Lido entertainment complex in Tiberias, said on Saturday that "the Netanyahus visited us on Friday before noon, as they usually do from time to time, when they have the opportunity. At one point, they went sailing, with my son, on an ecological boat that he built." According to her, "The boat has a roof, but it was very hot, with high temperatures. When I heard the report in the media today about the prime minister's arrival at the hospital, I assumed it was some kind of dehydration, after spending hot hours in the Sea of Galilee, which he loves so much."
On the way back from the Sea of Galilee to Netanyahu's house in Caesarea, the prime minister's convoy encountered a demonstration at the Furidis junction following the murder on Thursday of Alaa Marai, 3), the assistant head of the local council – and the 123rd person murdered in Arab society since the beginning of the year . The protesters blocked the intersection on Route 4, but then sirens sounded and the protesters had to quickly clear it. Within seconds it became clear that the prime minister's convoy had arrived at the scene, and that he was in one of the vehicles, on a road not far from his private home in Caesarea.
Security guards came out with guns drawn, and with the help of police officers, they kept the protesters away. "Drive from the intersection," one of the protesters was told, who angrily replied: "You will demonstrate your power against the criminals." The demonstrators said that "if it was interesting to Netanyahu, he could get out of the car and talk to the people, hear their pain."

Those around Netanyahu said that he was brought from Caesarea to the hospital in his convoy, and that he arrived there fully conscious and left the vehicle walking independently. The Prime Minister received the initial treatment by a paramedic of the Shin Bet's Personal Security Unit (Unit 730), and they were also the ones who evacuated him to the hospital.l
A few hours later, the prime minister published a video from the hospital in which he said: "Thank you all for your concern. I also want to thank the excellent teams at Sheba who examined me, God willing, I feel very well."
First published: 12:00, 07.16.23
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