Yair Netanyahu visits United Hatzalah headquarters in Jerusalem

After 8 months abroad, prime minister's son pays visit to emergency service, for which sources say he helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in the past year
After announcing last Saturday that he had returned to Israel after nearly eight months, and about a month and a half since the outbreak of the war, Yair Netanyahu, son of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, visited the headquarters of the United Hatzalah emergency service in Jerusalem on Tuesday, causing a media stir.
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The visit, which lasted a little over an hour, raised questions about its purpose and nature. While at the call center, Netanyahu did not raise funds. However, after the visit, he shared a story on his Instagram stating that he "volunteered" at United Hatzalah.
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יאיר נתניהו באיחוד הצלה
יאיר נתניהו באיחוד הצלה
Yair Netanyahu at United Hatzalah headquarters in Jerusalem
Sources familiar with the details claim the visit was prearranged, and Netanyahu requested from United Hatzalah the pictures that were taken during his visit. According to the sources, Netanyahu is a "board member" of United Hatzalah abroad and not actively involved as a volunteer. However, United Hatzalah sources said that Netanyahu raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the organization over the past year.
Ynet and Yedioth Ahronoth reported that Netanyahu arrived at the site accompanied by two bodyguards. During his visit to the call center, the phones were taken from the operators at Netanyahu's request. In footage from the visit, Netanyahu wore a coat given to distinguished guests, not the regular volunteer coat of the organization.
The prime minister's son left the country at the beginning of April, a few days after the night his father dismissed Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, a move that led to massive protests and ultimately did not materialize. Initially, Netanyahu stayed in Puerto Rico and recently resided in Miami. A few days ago, he flew from Florida, and after a stopover of a few days, landed in Israel on Saturday from New York.
Last week, Yair Netanyahu shared content against IDF commanders during the war on his Telegram account. Netanyahu quoted content by political analyst Dr. Guy Bechor, who claimed following the military failures on October 7, "The IDF command is disconnected from the soldiers, with arrogance, complacency and danger."
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