Israeli Arab businessman to sponsor Gaza's top student through higher education

Marwa Issa finished her final exams with a total score of 99.7, higher than any of her peers in Palestinian enclave; moved by achievement, Kafr Qassem businessman grants her scholarship

Hassan Shalan|
Marwa Issa graduated from high school like many of her peers in the Gaza Strip this week, and the gifted student did so with a total score of 99.7 on her final exams, the highest in the Palestinian enclave.
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  • Habi Issa, a local Israeli Arab businessman from Kafr Qassem, heard about her achievement and decided to grant her a full scholarship for her academic education.
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    התלמידה מרווה עיסא
    התלמידה מרווה עיסא
    Marwa Issa with her father
    "I felt how much energy and great capabilities she had in her despite the challenging conditions the residents of Gaza experience," he said.
    Habi decided to fund her higher education, and he also sent her a gift through a contact living in the Gaza Strip.
    "I congratulate all the exceptional students and wish success also to those who didn't get the highest marks. I was very delighted when I saw the news about Marwa's achievement, and thus I decided to support her financially throughout her academic journey until she metts all of her aspirations," he said.
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    איש העסקים והבי עיסא
    איש העסקים והבי עיסא
    Habi 'Issa
    Habi also spoke to Marwa and her father and congratulated them.
    Marwa, who was very moved by the gesture, said: "I was very happy to hear that the businessman wants to support me on my journey. I thank him very much for doing so. I will continue my schooling until I succeed and become a woman who has good intentions to support our society."
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