A sign of life from 2 hostages in PIJ psychological warfare

Video released by terror group shows 12-year old Yagil Yaakov abducted with his brother and 76-year old Hana Katzir who's husband was murdered in the Hamas massacre
The Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Gaza on Thursday, released a video of two hostages, 12-year old Yagil Yaakov and 76-year old Hana Katzir, both abducted by terrorists on October 7 from Kibbuts Nir Oz. The PIJ said they were willing to release the two on humanitarian grounds but did not say under what terms and when they would be released. Ynet does not publish the video or the messages read out by the hostages because they were likely dictated by their captors.
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Katzir is a mother of three and has six grandchildren. She was a children's caregiver in the Kibbutz for years. She needs the assistance of a walker and life saving medication. Her husband Rami was murdered by the terrorists during their assault.
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חנה קציר יגיל יעקב
חנה קציר יגיל יעקב
Yagil Yaakov, Hana Katzir
Yagil and his brother Or were alone at home when the terrorists abducted them. They hid in the safe room and had spoken to their mother on the phone and told her terrorists were there.
IDF Spokesperson RAdm. Daniel Hagari said in his briefing on Thursday that the video was psychological terrorism. He said Israel had not and would not miss any opportunity to bring hostages home.
The PIJ video comes amid international calls, including by U.S. President Joe Biden, to announce a humanitarian pause in the fighting in Gaza, that could assist in the release of hostages. National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby said Israel agreed to such a pause for four hours daily starting Thursday.
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מיצג תמיכה במשפחות החטופים והנעדרים במוזיאון תל אביב
מיצג תמיכה במשפחות החטופים והנעדרים במוזיאון תל אביב
329 empty chairs symbolizing hostages held in Gaza
(Photo: Abir Sultan / EPA)
"We understand that Israel will begin to implement four-hour pauses in areas of northern Gaza each day, with an announcement to be made three hours beforehand," he said adding that the pauses could help with transitions for any hostage release, as well as for humanitarian purposes.
"We've been told by the Israelis that there will be no military operations in these areas over the duration of the pause, and that this process is starting today," Kirby said.
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