Israeli man missing after falling into sinkhole in pool

Fire and Rescue Services say two men sucked into the sinkhole during a pool party, one rescued suffering mild injuries, expect rescue efforts to last hours as missing partygoer likely dragged into underground tunnel

Meir Turgeman‎|
Rescue services were attempting to locate a man sucked into a sinkhole, which appeared in a pool during a private party.
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  • Firefighting teams were sent into the hole to attempt to extract a 30-year old man before he is swept too far away, they said.
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     בולען בבית פרטי בכרמי יוסף
     בולען בבית פרטי בכרמי יוסף
    The sinkhole that appeared in a pool in central Israel
    (Photo: Elchanan Root)
    A member of the Israel Fire and Rescue Services Oren Shishitzky said rescue operations were expected to take several hours.
    "As of now, there is a serious concern for the missing person, he apparently was pulled by the water into the sinkhole and to the underground tunnels under the structure," he said.
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    הרגע בו נפתח הבולען במסיבת הבריכה בכרמי יוסף
    הרגע בו נפתח הבולען במסיבת הבריכה בכרמי יוסף
    Contents of the pool sucked into a sinkhole during a company event in central Israel
    The sinkhole quickly swallowed water, pool mattresses and other materials as the man disappeared into it, to the shock and amazement of his friends who were unable to help.
    A second man who was also being carried away by the water, was saved and taken to an area hospital, suffering mild injuries.
    Sinkhole appears in a pool in central Israel 
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    A video clip captured on the scene and spread on social media showed the moment the sinkhole appeared and the speed in which it sucked the entire contents of the pool into the ground.
    The tragedy occurred during a company outing with 50 employees. At least 15 of them were being treated for trauma.

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