Sidelined: Two Israel-related events we missed

Opinion: It seems that news here can only pick up on world events relating to Israel when it involves scandal and criticism, but the media has also missed a couple of positive events that didn't get enough attention

It can not be that the only thing we remember from last week is Knesset Constitution, Law and Justice Committee chairman Simcha Rothman’s megaphone-snatching incident in New York.
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Israel’s 75th Independence Day was celebrated across the world and Jerusalem Day events were held in so many places around the globe last week, with extraordinary demonstrations of support and solidarity.
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בני גנץ בצעדה למען ישראל בניו יורק
בני גנץ בצעדה למען ישראל בניו יורק
Celebrate Israel Parade in New York was extraordinary demonstration of support and solidarity.
(Photo: JCRC-NY)
We should note only two records which, unfortunately, were not widely heard about in Israel.
Let's start with Canada. For the first time ever, Jerusalem Day was commemorated in the Canadian Parliament, marking its 56th anniversary. Dozens of representatives from various parties – Jews and Christians – attended the event.
Canadian Parliament member Dr. Leslyn Lewis spoke about the deep connection between the two countries and expressed Canada's pride in supporting Israel over the years. "Israel is a symbol of freedom, resilience, and hope for millions," she said, "and we join in your celebrations these days."
Diaspora Affairs Minister, Amichai Chikli, said in his speech: "When Abraham first arrived in Jerusalem, could he have imagined such a show of support for Jerusalem in a country so distant as Canada? Thank you for your partnership in the 3,000-year journey for freedom."
Simultaneously, in New York, the traditional Celebrate Israel Parade took place. New York City Mayor Eric Adams walked alongside Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion, waving the Israeli flag enthusiastically.
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מימין: ראש עיריית ירושלים, משה ליאון, ראש עיריית ניו יורק, אריק אדמס, ומנכ"ל JCRC, גדעון טיילור
מימין: ראש עיריית ירושלים, משה ליאון, ראש עיריית ניו יורק, אריק אדמס, ומנכ"ל JCRC, גדעון טיילור
New York City Mayor Eric Adams and Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion march in the Celebrate Israel parade
(Photo: JCRC-NY)
"I came to support Israel. I’m delighted to serve you as mayor, as ultimately Israel and the United States are the two largest Jewish centers in the world," Adams said.
"We’ll act against hatred and antisemitism, that's what this parade is about," he said while waving the flag as the crowds applauded.
Pay attention to the loop: As long as these positive events simply occur as usual, we hardly hear about them, or they don't always receive enough priority. Someone needs to shout or snatch something from someone to grab our attention.
I myself noticed these events mainly because of a friend of mine, who worked behind the scenes for these celebrations and was looking for them in local headlines.
"Isn't it news that the Canadian Parliament is celebrating Jerusalem Day for the first time, or that New York’s mayor is marching with our flag enthusiastically?" she wrote to me.
Further, we also heard about another impressive demonstration of support for Israel, with 2,000 people at the Israeli Embassy in Washington, only because Foreign Minister Eli Cohen attacked Vice President Kamala Harris' speech there, and later apologized for his remarks.
Sometimes, even the obvious needs to be said and reminded of; otherwise, it’s forgotten and pushed aside.
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