New polls reveal what Americans think of the Israel-Hamas war

Pew research finds a quarter of Americans believe Israel going too far in current military operation while nearly the same number believe Israel's actions are the right approach; UK poll finds a third of young Americans say Holocaust a myth
A Pew research published on Friday, showed Americans were more divided than ever over the Israel-Hamas war despite a majority, 65% who say Hamas bears a lot of responsibility for the current conflict and 35% blaming Israel for the war.
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"About a quarter (27%) say Israel is going too far in its current military operation, while about as many (25%) say it is taking the right approach; 16% of Americans say Israel is not going far enough militarily," the Pew report found.
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תיעוד מפעילות כוחות צה"ל ברצועה
תיעוד מפעילות כוחות צה"ל ברצועה
Israeli troops in Gaza
More than one in ten Americans have reservations about the response of U.S. President Joe Biden to the war, 46% in the under 30 age group. Only 25% said Biden found the right balance between Israeli and the Palestinian positions While 21% say the president leans too much in favor of Israel while 16% say his position favors Palestinians.
Approximately a quarter of Americans closely follow the coverage of the war between Israel and Hamas and of those, most tend to support the White House response. That is correct for Democrats and Republicans.
On antisemitism, Pew found that 80% of Americans are concerned that a continuation of the war would increase violence towards Jews in the U.S.
A separate poll conducted by the UKs Economist and British YouGov found that over a quarter of Americans, (27%) believed Israel is purposely targeting Palestinian civilians, a sentiment shared by more self-described Democrats or liberals (48%) and (40%) among the 18-29 age groups. Among conservatives only 12% agree.
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החשוד בריסוס כתובות גרפיטי אנטישמיות בלונג איילנד
החשוד בריסוס כתובות גרפיטי אנטישמיות בלונג איילנד
Swastika on a Long Island restaurant
(Photo: Naturally Good Food)
The poll also found that an alarming number of young Americans (30%) believe the Holocaust is a myth. While 7% Americans in general share that belief, compared to 77% who do not believe that statement, 16% are not sure. None of those asked, over the age of 65% share that belief.
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