Hamas releases clip of three Israeli women held hostage in Gaza

The terrorist organization's video shows Karina Ariev, Doron Steinbrecher, and Daniela Gilboa who were kidnapped during Hamas' October 7 attack

Hamas released on Friday a new video of three Israeli women held hostage in Gaza as part of its psychological warfare tactic in which Karina Ariev, 19, Doron Steinbrecher, 33, and Daniela Gilboa, 19, are seen. In the video, which was likely filmed five days ago, the three talk about “107 days in captivity.”
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The video itself opens with the caption "Time is running out," and notes the captives have been held in Gaza for 107 days. Ynet has chosen not to provide the specific statements made by the captives in the video, which were likely scripted for them by Hamas terrorists.
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 דניאלה גלבוע,  קרינה ארייב, דורון שטיינברכר
 דניאלה גלבוע,  קרינה ארייב, דורון שטיינברכר
Doron Steinbrecher, Karina Ariev, Daniela Gilboa
The video’s release comes against the backdrop of ongoing negotiations for a hostage release deal with the terrorist organization, and is likely aimed at increasing pressure on Israel. Hamas continues to insist that such a deal will only be accepted as part of a broader agreement to end the war and the withdrawal of the IDF from Gaza, a demand Israel vehemently rejects.
Daniela Gilboa, a 19-year-old resident of Petah Tikva, who appears in the video, was abducted from Kibbutz Nahal Oz on October 7. Her mother, Orly, recently said, "The last time I spoke to her was on that Saturday around 7:30 a.m. I knew she was close to the Gaza border, and after a few minutes, she wrote back, 'Mom, I can hear explosions and gunfire.' On Friday evening, we saw her in the video showing the hostages. Later, we were informed that she was abducted."
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קרינה ארייב
קרינה ארייב
Karina Ariev
Karina Ariev, a 19-year-old from Jerusalem, was also abducted from Nahal Oz. Her family saw a video showing her kidnapping by Hamas terrorists. “I saw a video of her in which she’s seen injured, and since then, I didn’t receive any more information,” her sister Sasha said. “Is anyone taking care of her? We mustn’t forget the women there; they’re waiting to be released."
Doron Steinbrecher, 31, was abducted from Kibbutz Kfar Aza and has a chronic illness that required her to take medication she likely isn’t receiving in captivity. She works as a veterinarian nurse.
Her mother, Simona, recently shared, "On that Saturday, we were at the kibbutz. She called and said she could hear the terrorists trying to break into her home. We heard noises, and her phone went silent. She managed to send a message to her friends saying she was abducted. When the attack ended, and security forces arrived at her home without locating her body or any blood, we understood she was taken."
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