Netanyahu says will act responsibly in judicial overhaul, is attentive to demonstrations

Olaf Scholz urges visiting prime minister to accept president's compromise proposal, PM says it does not represent the people; adds relations with Germany unaffected by judicial overhaul;

Attila Somfalvi/Berlin |

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Thursday that he is attentive to the demonstrations in Israel in opposition of the government's push to legislate a judicial overhaul and said he would act responsibly.
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  • Speaking to reporters on his visit to Berlin, Netanyahu said he would seek to balance majority rule with individual rights and in Israel, the balance has changed and must be brought back.
    "The President's proposal is a great missed opportunity. It's not the people's outline and I'm not sure it's half the people's outline," Netanyahu said.
    "What was presented to the president by the coalition regarding the committee for appointing judges consisted of an outline of two stages - a certain immediate correction and then a balance. The president heard these things and put them aside," he said.
    "I am attentive to what is happening in the nation (in the demonstrations) but we need to bring something that is in line with the mandate we received and we will do it in a responsible manner," Netanyahu said adding that there was no stipulation on the part of the chancellor of relations with Israel because of the reform, especially not when it comes to security relations.
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    נתניהו במסיבת עיתונאים עם קנצלר גרמניה, אולף שולץ
    נתניהו במסיבת עיתונאים עם קנצלר גרמניה, אולף שולץ
    Benjamin Netanyahu and Olaf Schotz
    (Photo: GPO)
    "Israel, was is and will remain a liberal society," he said. "If we don't have a partner, we will try to come up with the best solution."
    Netanyahu was in Berlin for meetings with Scholz and German President Frank-Water Steinmeier, to discuss the threats posed by Iran after it enriched uranium to a near military grade. He and the chancellor also discussed the sale of Arrow-3 defense systems to Germany.
    In a press conference following the meeting, Scholz expressed concern over the judicial overhaul and stressed that it was important that Israel remains a liberal democracy. He urged his guest to accept the compromise put forth by President Issac Herzog on Wednesday.
    “Herzog submitted proposals to solve this situation and as a friend of Israel, we would hope you would consider these proposals,” Scholz said.
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    הפגנה נגד נתניהו בברלין
    הפגנה נגד נתניהו בברלין
    Anti-Netanyahu demonstrators in Berlin
    (Photo: Attila Somfalvi )
    Speaking alongside Netanyahu he said the expansion of West Bank settlements does not contribute to peace in the Middle East.
    Scholz also said Iran posed a real threat and that Germany and others were working to prevent Tehran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.
    Meanwhile, hundreds demonstrated against Netanyahu and his government in the German capital while demonstrations continued across Israel.
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