'Fauda' star Idan Amedi seriously injured in Gaza Strip clashes

Israeli singer and actor suffers serious injuries after engaging Hamas terrorists in the southern part of the Gaza Strip before being evacuated to the hospital; Doctors say his condition is stable

Roie Rubinstein|
Israeli singer-songwriter and actor Idan Amedi was seriously injured on Monday in clashes with terrorists in the Gaza Strip and was evacuated to the Sheba Medical Center, the IDF Spokesperson's Unit reported.
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Amedi, who serves as a reserve soldier in the IDF's Combat Engineering Corps, suffered various shrapnel injuries in several parts of his body and his condition is now considered stable while being anesthetized and intubated at the hospital. His relative published a post on Instagram shortly after, asking "everyone to pray for him.”
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עידן עמדי והרמטכ"ל
עידן עמדי והרמטכ"ל
IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi and Idan Amedi
Last November, Amedi wrote on his Instagram account that he was "willing not to perform or sing for a year," in order to continue fighting. According to him, "We mustn’t abandon Israeli residents in the south and the north again. Anything other than the elimination of Hamas in Gaza and the rooting out of Hezbollah in southern Lebanon poses an immediate danger to our children."
Throughout the ongoing war, a series of photos and videos featuring Amedi were published. For example, in December, a video was published showing IDF forces demolishing a school in Gaza’s Shijaiyah neighborhood, where terrorist infrastructures were located including tunnels used by Hamas terrorists, as well as weapons and explosives. Amedi, talking in the recording, was the one who marked the demolition.
"In a minute, we’ll demolish this location, a school, where our forces found military equipment, explosive devices, and tunnel shafts," Amedi was heard saying in the video. "Israel and all the whole world should know that these are our enemies and this is how they educate their children. We only have one response to our enemies, as the Hanukkah saying goes - we came to drive away the darkness."
Just three weeks ago, Amedi announced the demolition of another building in Gaza - dedicating it to the memory of the victims murdered in the October 7 massacre on October 7. "In a minute we will blow this building in memory of all the victims, our brothers and sisters who were massacred on October 7."
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עידן עמדי וחבריו לצוות מניפים את דגל נובה על החוף בעזה
עידן עמדי וחבריו לצוות מניפים את דגל נובה על החוף בעזה
Idan Amedi alongside his unit in Gaza
The singer also made a special mention of two of his comrades, both were officers in the Israeli special forces counter-terrorism unit Yamam, Alexei Shmakalov, and Dror Alton. "May God and us avenge their blood," he vowed in the communication device.
A few days earlier, Amedi was part of the first forces that arrived at Gaza’s coastline – where he and his team members raised a flag commemorating the Nova Music Festival in memory of its victims.
At the start of the war, before the IDF ground operation in Gaza began, Amedi was stationed on the northern border where he met with IDF Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. Herzi Halevi, who came to visit the IDF’s Northern Command.
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