IDF troops pursue suspect into Hebron school

Teachers block troops from entering allowing suspect stone thrower to escape; incident comes a day after terror suspects seen seeking shelter in Jenin kindergarten; IDF denies involvement in death of 7-year old near Bethlehem

Yoav Zitun, Einav Halabi|
Israeli troops on Thursday, chased a masked Palestinian, suspected of involvement in stone throwing incident, into a Hebron school.
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  • Teachers and staff blocked the soldiers when they entered, allowing the suspect to escape.
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    תיעוד מניסיון המעצר בבית הספר
    תיעוד מניסיון המעצר בבית הספר
    Palestinian teachers interfere with the arrest of a terror suspect
    A military official said the forces detained two teenagers whose clothes matched what the suspect was wearing, but after an initial inquiry, they were released.
    An IDF force arrived at a checkpoint near the Jewish settlement inside the city of Hebron, to disperse Palestinian rioters who were hurling stones and burning tires.
    Palestinian teachers interfere IDF soldiers during a search for terror suspect
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    They identified one masked rioters whom they then chased into the school.
    Earlier, Palestinians claimed a 7-year-old Rayyan Yaser Suleiman, died after falling from a height while running away from troops, they said were pursuing him in the village of Toqou, near Bethlehem.
    He was taken to hospital but doctors said his heart had stopped and they were unable to revive him.
    Suleiman “ran away from soldiers who chased him and other students after leaving their school causing him to fall from a high place,” the hospital alleged.
    The IDF denied any involvement in the child's death and said the child had died from heart failure as the hospital acknowledged.
    "A group hurled stones at civilians cars on the main road near the village of Toqou," the military said in a statement. "IDF soldiers searched for the suspects who fled to a nearby village. During the searches, there were no confrontations and no use of riot disperse means," the statement read.
    "The IDF is familiar with the claim of the boy's death. And according to preliminary examination, his death had nothing to do with the IDF’s activities in the area."
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    ריאן סולימאן
    ריאן סולימאן
    7-year-old Rayyan Yaser Suleiman
    According to the troops, they were speaking to the boy's father outside his home in a calm conversation, and then left the scene and a few moments later, heard the father screaming for help. a Red Crescent ambulance transported the boy to hospital where he later died.
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