Holocaust survivor tied up and robbed in her southern Israel home

Woman hospitalized due to a cardiac episode induced by trauma from the incident, victim's daughter says; police arrest two suspects, one of them tries to stab an officer to avoid arrest

Ilana Curiel|
A 92-year-old Holocaust survivor was tied up by robbers and robbed in her home in the southern city of Be'er Sheva overnight Wednesday.
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  • The elderly woman was able to free herself hours later and call her daughter, who then reported the incident to the police.
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    הפצועים קשה מהדקירות ברהט מובלים לטיפול בבית חולים סורוקה
    הפצועים קשה מהדקירות ברהט מובלים לטיפול בבית חולים סורוקה
    MDA ambulances outside of Soroka Medical Center
    (Photo: Barel Efraim)
    First responders that arrived at the scene provided the woman with first aid treatment for minor injuries and took her to the southern city's Soroka Medical Center where she was hospitalized after suffering a cardiac episode.
    "When I came over, I saw her and was shocked", the woman's daughter told Ynet. "She's ashamed of what happened and is shocked. I'm still in trauma and she's in trauma, and because of the incident she went through a cardiac event."
    Sharon Barabi, who is married to the victim's granddaughter, called to bring the attackers to justice.
    "This is a 92-year old woman, a Holocaust survivor, and she needs to see good things in her final years and be embraced by everyone, and not go through such things. I hope the criminals will be brought to justice."
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    בית החולים סורוקה בבאר שבע
    בית החולים סורוקה בבאר שבע
    Soroka Medical Center, Be'er Sheva
    (Photo: Shutterstock)
    The police said that they designated a special investigation team to look into the case due to its severity.
    Shortly after, two suspects, both residents of Be'er Sheva, were arrested for their alleged involvement in the robbery.
    One of the suspects tried to stab a police officer with a pair of scissors during his arrest. The officer was unharmed, and the two were taken into the Be'er Sheva police station for further questioning.
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