Israeli man stabs grandmother 19 times for hiding his passport

After his grandmother took away his travel document and money for fear he would move overseas, Radeon Shechavlev, 23, murdered her in a horrific fashion, including beating and slamming her on the floor

Lior El-Hai|
An Israeli man was indicted Thursday for killing his grandmother by stabbing her 19 times after she had hidden his passport.
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  • On Thursday, Haifa District Attorney's Office indicted Radeon Shechavlev, 23, after he strangled, beat, slammed on the ground and stabbed his grandmother, Frida Rachulskaja in March of 2018. After the murder, Shechavlev fled to Moldova.
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    הארכת מעצר רדיאון שצ'בלב
    הארכת מעצר רדיאון שצ'בלב
    Radeon Shechavlev in court
    (Photo: Nachum Segal)
    According to the indictment, the attack took place after Radeon, who lived with his grandmother in Pardes Hanna, told her he wanted to leave the country and bought a plane ticket to Moldova, prompting the woman to hide his passport and money.
    Initially, he claimed, he wanted to simply knock her out long enough to gather his belongings and leave, but as the attack developed, he decided to kill her.
    He first tried to strangle her with his hands, but when she cried for help, he slammed her head against the floor, beat her with two glass bottles and then stabbed her 19 times.
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    כוחות משטרה בזירת הרצח בפרדס חנה בו נרצחה אישה בת 60
    כוחות משטרה בזירת הרצח בפרדס חנה בו נרצחה אישה בת 60
    Scene of the crime
    (Photo: Police spokesman)
    After she died, he stacked different objects on top of her dead body. He then took a bath, picked up his grandmother's phone, money and all the jewelry he could find, locked the door from the outside and went to his friend's house.
    He later came back, gathered his belongings, went to the airport and flew to Moldova. Last month, four and a half years later, he came back to Israel.
    In the upcoming days, a district judge will discuss the prosecutor's request to remand his arrest pending a trial.
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