Lapid says offered to mediate between Netanyahu and U.S. Democrats

Outgoing PM says he has a better relationship with the Democratic Party than his predecessor, and can offer advice to new government; adds he urged Biden to prepare a military option in order to reach an agreement with Iran

Itamar Eichner|
Outgoing Prime Minister Yair Lapid said Sunday that he offered to mediate between Benjamin Netanyahu and the Democratic Party in the United States.
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  • In a closed meeting with JNF UK, Lapid said that he "has a better relationship with the Democrats than Netanyahu, and I offered the new government my help."
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    ועידת המשפט ה-11
    ועידת המשפט ה-11
    Benjamin Netanyahu and Yair Lapid
    (Photo: Motti Kimchi, Eli Mendelbaum)
    Lapid also spoke to members of the philanthropist organization on his plans after he leaves office, and said that he had had long conversations with U.S. President Joe Biden on Iran.
    "What I'm trying to do is to achieve a longer and stronger nuclear agreement," he said. "I've talked about this with President Biden, who said that a deal with Iran would not be reached any time soon," Lapid said.
    "In 2015, before signing the nuclear agreement, President Barack Obama revealed that the U.S. had bunker-penetrating bombs, which convinced the Iranians to sign the deal," the prime minister said.
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    ביידן בהצהרה לכתבים אחרי הדיון ב-G20
    ביידן בהצהרה לכתבים אחרי הדיון ב-G20
    Joe Biden
    (Photo: AFP)
    "If the Americans can present such a military option again, I'm sure it will help to come up with a longer, stronger agreement. I told Biden that a real military option should be put on the table, but unfortunately, it still has not happened," he said.

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