Al Jazeera presents bullet that killed reporter in Jenin

The network said the 5.5 mm bullet was marked in green indicating it was IDF issued munition, bolstering claim she was killed by soldiers and basing their reporting on military experts

Elior Levy, Meir Torgeman, Einav Halabi|
The Qatar based Al Jazeera network on Thursday showed what it said was the bullet that killed their West Bank reporter Shireen Abu Akleh, killed while covering an IDF incursion into the Jenin refugee camp last month.
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  • The 5.5 mm bullet, designed to pierce armor is used in an M4 rifle the network said quoting military experts.
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    הקליע שהרג את שירין אבו אעקלה
    הקליע שהרג את שירין אבו אעקלה
    Al Jazeera shows bullet that killed reporter Shireen Abu Akleh in Jenin in May
    Israel was blamed by Al Jazeera for the reporter's death despite IDF claims that Abu Akleh was shot in the head during an exchange of fire with Palestinian gunmen in the camp and could have been shot by their indiscriminate fire.
    The military claimed there could be no definite determination of the source of fire that killed the reporter without a forensic examination of the bullet which the Palestinian Authority refused to provide to Israel despite calls for a joint probe.
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    שירין אבו עאקלה
    שירין אבו עאקלה
    Shireen Abu Akleh
    (Photo: EPA)
    In its latest report, Al Jazeera said the bullet was marked in green, indicating it was IDF issued ammunition. However, the Palestinian gunmen use the same bullets, many of which were stolen from IDF bases.
    A member of the police told Ynet on Thursday that the force's conduct during Abu Akleh's funeral, was acceptable despite images showing black clothed forces beating mourners with bats.
    The source said that the police had reached an agreement with the Abu Akleh family that the coffin would be transported by car but at a certain point, participants, some of whom had committed terror offenses in the past, pulled the coffin out of the car and marched with it on the main road.
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    מחאה מחוץ לבית החולים בירושלים בו שמורה גופתה של שירין אבו עאקלה
    מחאה מחוץ לבית החולים בירושלים בו שמורה גופתה של שירין אבו עאקלה
    Police clash with mourners during Shireen Abu Akleh's funeral in Jerusalem last month
    (Photo: AFP)
    The police officers were trying to return order, the source said but the terrorists insisted on causing a riot.
    Still, the source added, the officers in charge were reprimanded for their failure to prepare properly in advance for such an event.
    Anton, Shireen Abu Akleh's brother rejected the police source's explanation and denied there was an agreement ahead of the funeral.
    No one attacked the police who were behaving in a barbaric manner," Anton Abu Akleh said.
    "The reality of what happened was evident to the whole world," he said. "Anything the Israelis have to say is of no interest to us as Shireen's family and no one from the police even apologized to us," he said.
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