Mom who survived West Bank shooting attack calls it 'miracle'

Deborah Shitrit, who survived the attack with her 4 daughters, demands government action - 'A few centimeters to the side and it would have hit me.' ; Shomron Regional Council head calls to reinstate checkpoints

Elisha Ben-Kimon|

Mothers yells to her girls to keep down as shots are fired
Deborah Shitrit, a survivor of last night's harrowing shooting attack in the West Bank, recounts the terrifying incident that unfolded as she traveled with her four daughters between the settlements of Kfar Tapuach and Migdalim on Route 505.
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The intense ordeal was captured by her car's dashboard camera, recording the barrage of shots. Despite the chaos, Shitrit's resolute voice rings out, urgently instructing her daughters to take cover and ensuring their well-being. Today, Shitrit bravely revisits the dramatic event, describing it as nothing short of "a remarkable and awe-inspiring miracle."
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דבורה שיטרית שניצלה מהפיגוע אמש בחווארה יחד עם יוסי דגן
דבורה שיטרית שניצלה מהפיגוע אמש בחווארה יחד עם יוסי דגן
Deborah Shitrit and Yossi Dagan, head of the Shomron Regional Council
"We are fully cognizant of the miracle that spared us from harm," she said. "The bullet, positioned perilously between the hood and the windshield, somehow missed its mark; a few centimeters to the side and it would have hit me."
"We need the government to take immediate action. We require a robust and deterrent presence in the region, ensuring that such incidents do not recur. We must not passively accept the occurrence of similar instances, jeopardizing the safety of other families," she also said.
"It is imperative that we reject complacency and demand a resolute response to this matter," she added.
Despite an Israel Defense Forces manhunt for the shooting suspect, no arrests have been carried out and no person of interest has been questioned as of yet.
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הפגיעות ברכב ישראלי בציר שבין צומת תפוח לצומת מגדלים
הפגיעות ברכב ישראלי בציר שבין צומת תפוח לצומת מגדלים
Bullets hit the car, leaving mark
(Photo: Shomron Regional Council)
The head of the Shomron Regional Council, Yossi Dagan, strongly criticized the government, emphasizing that "there is only one solution to these grave attacks, and that is the reinstatement of security checkpoints."
Dagan adds that: "We cannot solely rely on miracles. Just minutes away, Hillel and Yagel Yaniv fell victim to this tragedy. Regrettably, this government has yet to take decisive action, and I address the prime minister, the defense minister, and all government officials: You bear direct responsibility for the deteriorating security situation.
"We refuse to accept a reality where families, like this dear family, traverse the heartland of Israel, vulnerable and exposed. The government must promptly reinstate all security barriers," he said.
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