Palestinian Telegram group teaches how to stab IDF soldiers, make home-made explosives

Online antisemitism monitor infiltrates group training potential terrorists to grab weapons from Israeli troops on platform that has become a hotbed for illicit activities due to its advanced security features, lack of regulation, and users' ability to remain anonymous

An online antisemitism monitor managed to infiltrate a closed Telegram group ostensibly used to promote terrorist activity against Jews and IDF soldiers, as it revealed that hundreds of users exchange “tips” for carrying out terrorist attacks, including “how to stab a soldier and grab his weapon.”
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A member of Fighting Online Antisemitism (FOA) says that terrorist elements are using instant messaging app Telegram as a platform to teach potential terrorists how to avoid detection prior to conducting attacks.
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קבוצת הטלגרם של בית הספר לטרור
קבוצת הטלגרם של בית הספר לטרור
Telegram group encourages terror and guides how to execute attacks
Additionally, the group provides guidance on creating improvised explosive devices, stealing weapons from soldiers, and using them against the troops, as well as suggesting various methods to further obscure and conceal their identity on Telegram, in addition to other precautions.
FOA chief Tomer Aldubi said that "the special team we have established is based on volunteer activity and deals with monitoring online antisemitic groups and Islamic terrorist organizations and gathering intelligence on their operations, with an emphasis on the Telegram network. The team constantly monitors their online presence and communications with users."
Aldubi added that "we are expanding our activities in other groups and scenes, with the help of activists from all over the world, in order to shut down every such group."
He noted that Telegram has become a hotbed for illicit activities due to its advanced security features, lack of regulation, and the ability of users to remain anonymous.
"Thanks to our activities, Telegram has begun to close down antisemitic groups and block users who spread hateful content against Jews. However, we call on Telegram to immediately remove these groups that encourage terrorism," he said.
Fighting Online Antisemitism is an Israeli nonprofit organization that monitors and reports online antisemitic content and Holocaust denial.
The movement is one of the few organizations in the world that report on these issues daily and hourly in multiple languages and on various social media platforms, with the help of hundreds of volunteers from Israel and around the world. The movement also works to raise awareness of online hate speech through educational activities for children and youth.
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