Israeli far-right minister accuses security officials of rebellion

Heritage Minister Amichai Eliyahu echoes sentiment of National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir saying that actions of senior officials during the ongoing security escalations sabotage government's efforts to restore safety

Heritage Minister Amichai Eliyahu accused senior security officials on Sunday of “acting in a rebellious manner” which he claimed hamstrings the government's efforts to maintain peace as the country faces escalations on multiple fronts.
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The Otzma Yehudit lawmaker's comments join those of National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir who was also quick to deflect the blame on the opposition and said it “emboldens Israel’s enemies.”
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עמיחי אליהו
עמיחי אליהו
Amichai Eliyahu
(Photo: Shalev Shalom)
Eliyahu wrote the comments in response to a tweet that stated that despite the coalition being the most hardline in Israel’s history, it failed to ensure security as it had promised to do during the election campaign.
In response, the commenter lashed out at the minister, writing "All you do is whine, I didn’t vote for your excuses, I voted for you to bring about a change. If you feel like you can’t do that – step down."
To this, Eliyahu replied, "Whenever I feel like I’m unable to do my duty – I’ll step down. I believe we need to reorganize and charge again. Of course, if there’s anything that needs fixing then we’re obligated to fix it.”
The minister also called for the annulment of the 1993 Oslo Accords signed by Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization that led to the creation of the Palestinian Authority and Israel conceding territories.
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ציוץ של עמיחי אליהו
ציוץ של עמיחי אליהו
Tweet accusing security officials
(Photo: via Twitter)
Eliyahu said the revocation of the agreement would only happen "when the right-wing and religious public reaches key positions, and do not allow anti-democratic groups to hold democracy captive."
According to him, "We’re in an ongoing struggle for our freedom and independence from all foreign entities trying to shape Israel’s image to their own.”
Opposition leader Yair Lapid called for Eliyahu’s dismissal, saying that "A minister who accuses security officials of rebellion must prove their claim or promptly be fired. The ongoing incitement against security forces is out of control."
Following his comments on the opposition, Ben-Gvir also added that “I often find myself frustrated with certain decisions taken by the government. I mulled over quitting my position many times and supporting [the government] from the outside. Despite its shortcomings, the current government is better and more responsible than the previous one in every parameter."
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ישיבת סיעה עוצמה יהודית
ישיבת סיעה עוצמה יהודית
Itamar Ben-Gvir
(Photo: AFP)
National Missions Minister Orit Strock said Saturday that the government must take responsibility for the recent events due to them happening “on our watch,” but then clarified her statement by saying, "We have to deal with things on the uneven footing created by the former government. We must work to rebuild our deterrence in all sectors.”
Since the beginning of the ongoing tensions, with the outbreak of riots on the Temple Mount complex, six rockets were fired at Israel from Syria, 37 from Lebanon, and around 100 from the Gaza Strip.
In addition, deadly terror attacks also took place in the West Bank - in which 15-year-old Rina Dee and 20-year-old Maia Dee were killed, and their 48-year-old mother Lucy Dee was seriously injured.
A second attack took place in Tel Aviv, where 35-year-old Alessandro Parini, an Italian tourist from Rome, was killed while walking with his colleagues on the Tel Aviv promenade.
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