IDF soldier killed by friendly fire during training exercise on southern Israel base

According to preliminary probe, paratrooper shot and killed from approximately 250 meters by force providing suppressive fire; Soldier's family has been informed of his death

Yoav Zitun|
An IDF soldier was killed overnight Tuesday by friendly fire during a training exercise on a military base in southern Israel.
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The military said that the circumstances of the incident are being investigated by commanders, and the military police have initiated an inquiry into the event. The soldier's family has been informed of his death.
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התרגיל של סיירת גולני שדימה עימות מול יחידת רדואן בשטח ישראל
התרגיל של סיירת גולני שדימה עימות מול יחידת רדואן בשטח ישראל
Golani Brigade drill
(Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit)
"The IDF shares in the family's grief and will continue to support them during this difficult time," the military stated.
The incident took place at a Paratroopers Brigade training ground, where recruits undergo training as part of a platoon-level exercise in the base’s firing zone. This occurred during the second day of the intense drill, during which the platoon conducted dry and wet runs during the day, followed by a dry run at night, and concluded with a live-fire exercise.
Preliminary investigation suggests that a force that was providing suppressive fire for the charging force mistakenly hit a flag bearer of a covering contingent who serves as a marker for the former to halt fire once identified.
The suppressive fire force identified targets and fired according to orders. The flag bearer moved in darkness with a white cone flashlight according to IDF protocol, and was shot from a range of approximately 250 meters (820 feet).
Following the incident, all training activities on the base were suspended. The readiness of the force is being assessed, including compliance with safety protocols, as well as evaluating their proficiency to carry out the exercise.
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