Final words: Israeli soldier sends last texts to family before being killed by Hamas terrorists

Naama, 19, enlisted in the IDF only seven months ago and was stationed at the Zikim military base, which was overrun by Hamas; She attempted to hide as best she could, but as her final words to her loved ones show it ended tragically
Israel Moskowitz|
*Hard to watch* Naama's final moments

Cpl. Naama Boni, a 19-year-old soldier serving in the 77th Battalion of the Armored Corps, is among the casualties of the war that erupted from Gaza unexpectedly on Saturday morning. At 7:30 a.m., she found a moment to inform her friends about her condition.
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Her message conveyed the horror she was feeling, saying, "I deeply care for all of you. I have a head injury, and a terrorist nearby might start shooting at me. I am currently with an injured soldier from the Golani Brigade, and there are no reinforcements available."
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נעמה בוני
נעמה בוני
Naama Boni sent text messages to family and friends
In another text message, her harrowing experience was conveyed in chilling terms. "There is terrorist here who won't go away. I can hear someone screaming, and there appears to be a human casualty," she wrote.
In the video she recorded, her voice trembled with emotion as she shed tears.
Her aunt, Shimrit Ilook, spoke of her killed niece. "She was and born and raised in Afula, graduated high school and enlisted seven months ago. Last night she was stationed at the entrance to Zikim base, adjacent to the the Gaza border. At around 7:30 a.m. she was still sending us messages about the terrorists shooting at her, after which she no longer responded."
"We looked everywhere for her, and after endless calls they eventually told us she's hospitalized at Barzilai Medical Center but wouldn't say what her condition is. She was very family-oriented. We celebrated her birthday a week ago. We desperately wanted to believe she was still alive, but when the notifications officer showed up at her parents, we knew she just became a statistic," the soldier's aunt said.
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