Israeli woman arrested after biting bouncer's ear off at Haifa nightclub

Club security told police they declined to let mother of two in as she made a commotion and seemed to be under influence of alcohol or drugs before lunging at bouncer; suspect went on to attack officers too

Lior El-Hai|
An Israeli woman was arrested over the weekend for assault after allegedly biting off part of a nightclub bouncer's ear in Haifa.
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  • Security told the police they declined to let the 36-year-old mother of two into the club as she made a commotion and seemed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
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    Speaking to Ynet, the bouncer said that after the initial ruckus, the woman calmed down and asked to speak to him, at which point she lunged at him and plunged her teeth into his ear, ripping a part of it.
    "Out of instinct, I immediately grabbed the bitten area. I started bleeding profusely. She didn't speak, didn't say a word. I ordered the other security guards to call the police, and of course detain her, without touching her," he said.
    "She tried to attack the other security guards who moved aside. Even after the police arrived, she confronted the officers who arrested her."
    Without the missing piece of his ear, the bouncer was rushed to Rambam Health Care Campus where he underwent surgery
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    הפציעה של ראש מערך האבטחה
    הפציעה של ראש מערך האבטחה
    The bouncer's ear before and after undergoing surgery
    "Nobody knows where's the missing part. She might have swallowed it or spat it out. I was too busy trying to stop the bleeding."
    The suspect was arrested by police, and she was found to be in possession of a drug for personal use.
    The police said that the suspect also confronted them, hurled expletives at them, threatened to spit on them and tried to bite them. They found unspecified recreational drugs on her person.
    The woman, who works for a high-tech company in central Israel, told officers during her investigations that her husband dropped her off at the club after 2:30am and denied the allegations against her.
    She was brought before the Haifa Magistrate's Court Saturday evening. The police asked to extend her remand on charges of aggravated battery, use and possession of drugs and obstructing a law enforcement officer. The judge ruled the suspect is to stay in custody until Monday.
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