Ben-Gvir to demand death penalty for terrorists in coalition negotiation

Far-right legislator, who is slated for a ministerial position in the incoming right-wing and religious coalition, says courts to be forced to sentence terrorists convicted or murder to death

Moran Azulay|
Far-right lawmaker Itamar Ben Gvir will on Monday make a demand for a legislation to allow death penalty for terrorists in his negotiations to join Benjamin Netanyahu's emerging coalition.
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  • Such a law had been discussed in previous administrations, but was ruled out by members of the coalition at the time, although supported by some members of the Likud party. Now, with a secure right-wing and religious government set to be formed, it is likely to win a majority support.
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    איתמר בן גביר
    איתמר בן גביר
    Itamar Ben-Gvir
    (Photo: AFP)
    Ben-Gvir named putting terrorists to death as part of his campaign promises, and hopes to include the legislation in his coalition agreement along with other moves he described as bolstering sovereignty and the rule of law.
    "In recent years we are witnessing a growth and expansion of murderous terrorism directed at Jews just because they are Jews, and in an effort to harm Israel and the revival of the Jewish People in their homeland," Ben Gvir's proposal said.
    "After each terror attack, leaders in the security agencies promise the 'long arm of Israel will settle the account with the murderers,' when in fact most receive improved conditions in prison, a pay check from the Palestinian Authority and are ultimately released in a prisoner exchange."
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    ח"כ איתמר בן גביר
    ח"כ איתמר בן גביר
    Itamar Ben-Gvir at scene of Bnei Brak terror attack last March
    (Photo: Dana Kopel)
    "The object of the law is to cut terror down at its source and issue a clear warning. No longer jail with benefits, no prisoners' early release," the proposal said.
    "In our proposal – a terrorist who is convicted of murder who acted out of a racist or nationalistic motivation, will be put to death by law."

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