IDF says it neutralized a Hamas terror tunnel in Gaza

Military says attack tunnel was initially destroyed in 2021 but efforts were being made to rebuild it; tunnel stretched from Gaza City to Kibutz Alumim near the border with the Palestinian enclave

Ynet, Yoav Zitun|
The IDF said Monday it has neutralized in the past few days an attack tunnel belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization, dug from the northern Gaza Strip and leading to the Israeli territory.
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  • The terror tunnel did not cross the newly-constructed underground sensory barrier, thus did not pose a threat to Israeli communities in the area near the Gaza Strip border.
    IDF Identified and neutralized a terrorist tunnel in the Gaza Strip
    (Photo: IDF Spokesperson Unit)
    The army said the tunnel was identified a few weeks ago as part of the consistent and ongoing efforts to detect and neutralize terrorist infrastructure in the Gaza perimeter.
    The destruction of the tunnel was delayed by last week's operation in Gaza, dubbed Breaking Dawn, in order not to expose the forces to the anti-tank threats on the border.
    The tunnel was dug dozens of meters underground from the Gaza City, and was being built in the direction of a post that is air-parallel to Kibbutz Alumim. The tunnel's route crossed the border on paper, but not breach the new barrier.
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    נחשפו מנהרות טרור של חמאס במרחב גבול עזה
    נחשפו מנהרות טרור של חמאס במרחב גבול עזה
    Footage of IDF inside terrorist tunnel in the Gaza Strip
    (Photo: The IDF Spokesperson's Unit)
    "The tunnel routes were first neutralized during Operation Guardian of the Walls in 2021," said outgoing Commanding Officer of the Gaza Division, BG Nimrod Aloni. "We recently identified efforts to restore the old tunnel route.
    "Following an examination, we located the two tunnel routes. The neutralization of this tunnel joins a long list of covert and open operations that significantly damaged the underground terrorist tunnel infrastructure of the Hamas terrorist organization, and we will continue to go after them."
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