Harrowing footage shows moments of Yarden Bibas' kidnapping

New video shows Yarden surrounded by Hamas terrorists, Gazan's beating him bloody as they lead him toward the Gaza Strip at gunpoint; viewer discretion advised

Yarden Bibas's kidnapping | viewer discretion advised

Newly released footage released on Wednesday presents the brutal moments of Yarden Bibas’s kidnapping by Hamas terrorists, on October 7. His wife Shiri and two little babies, Kfir and Ariel were also abducted.
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תיעוד קשה: רגע חטיפתו של ירדן ביבס לעזה
תיעוד קשה: רגע חטיפתו של ירדן ביבס לעזה
Terrorists leading Yarden Bibas on October 7
In the harrowing footage, he’s seen surrounded by terrorists beating and shouting at him, being led by another armed terrorist riding a motorcycle. At one point, the video cuts off - and then starts again, with Bibas's head and face covered in blood.
President Issac Herzog shared the disturbing video on his X account. “The world must not remain silent in the face of such crimes,” he wrote.
In February, the IDF made public a security video in which Shiri Bibas and her two young children, Ariel and Kfir, are seen, apparently in southern Gaza, on the day of their abduction, on October 7. In the video, the three are seen alive, but it is unclear what their condition is now, 194 days after their abduction.
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משפחת ביבס
משפחת ביבס
The Bibas family before October 7
(Photo: Courtesy)
Hamas claimed at the end of November that Shiri and her two children were no longer alive. The terror organization didn’t provide any evidence to back their claim, leading Israel to reject them. Later, Hamas even released a video of Yarden from captivity, allegedly after being informed of their death.
IDF Spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Harel said last February, "Hamas has all the details and is the address for all the hostages. We are concerned about their fate and we are very worried. When we are sure, we will inform the family first.”
On January 18, Israel and the world marked Kfir's first birthday, which became known as the saddest birthday in the world. "I searched Google to know what a nine-month-old baby should do until the age of one. He should see a lot of colors, but instead, he sees only darkness," Shiri's cousin Yossi Schneider said at the time.
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