Syria says two wounded in Israel strike

State media reports attacks on military positions in Syria's south; Syrian opposition says positions belonged to pro-Iranian militias
Eyal Arvid|
Syria's state media reported late Monday that the IDF's Air Force attacked several military positions in the country's south. According to a Syrian military official, two soldiers were injured in the strikes.
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Officials affiliated with the country's opposition added that the position targeted in the strike belonged to pro-Iranian militias.
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לפי דיווחים סורים, תיעוד של רגע התקיפה באזור א-סיידה זינב
לפי דיווחים סורים, תיעוד של רגע התקיפה באזור א-סיידה זינב
Airstrike in Syria
On Sunday, Syrian media outlets reported that Israel allegedly attacked sites belonging to the Syrian army and Iranian militias in the town of Al-Dimas, a western suburb of Damascus, near the border with Lebanon.
According to the reports in Syrian media, the country's air defense systems were activated after the Israeli Air Force targeted an Iranian weapons shipment.
The previous attack attributed to Israel in Syria occurred three weeks ago, when the Syrian army accused the IDF of targeting the Al-Shayrat military airport in the western part of the country.
The networks reported "intense air activity over Lebanon," north of Beirut, and the Al-Mayadeen network claimed that Israeli military jets launched missiles toward the Homs area while flying over the Lebanese coastal plain. A Syrian opposition official told Ynet that "it is an Israeli airstrike from Lebanese territory. The target was warehouses containing Iranian equipment."
Footage of the strike in Tartus attributed to Israel
This strike took place a few hours after Syria accused Israel of launching an attack in the Tartus region in the western part of the country, which took place unusually during daylight hours, at approximately 5:20 pm. Syrian state TV reported that the attack was launched from the Mediterranean Sea and resulted in significant damage.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a UK-based opposition war monitor, reported that three Hezbollah operatives were killed in the attack, and loud explosions were heard in the area. However, the reports have not been verified by Syria.
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