The entrance to Ichilov Medical Center
The entrance to Ichilov Medical Center
Photo:Yaron Berner
The entrance to Ichilov Medical Center

Cocaine found in blood of a baby of top Israeli businessman

The 11-month-old child was taken to a hospital after showing signs of weakness; baby's blood tests showed high levels of cannabis and cocaine, prompting police to investigate the mother and the father, a well-known Tel Aviv businessman

Eli Senior |
Published: 08.02.20 , 13:54
A cocktail of drugs, including cocaine, was found in the blood of an infant son of a well-known Israeli businessman, after the baby was admitted to hospital with muscle weakness on Friday.
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  • Police said they have opened an investigation into the incident.
    The entrance to Ichilov Medical Center The entrance to Ichilov Medical Center
    The entrance to Ichilov Medical Center
    (Photo:Yaron Berner )
    The 11-month-old toddler was taken to the to Tel Aviv's Dana-Dwek Children's Hospital (part of Ichilov Medical Center)on Friday, after showing signs of muscle weakness and apathy.
    Following the child's blood tests results, it was revealed he had high concentrations of both cannabis and cocaine in his system.
    The hospital's staff immedietely alerted welfare authorities, despite the fact that the toddlers parents, "seemed attentive and normative."
    Ichilov's Spokesman Avi Shoshan confirmed the reports and said the toddler's is feeling well and he is expected to be released from hospital on Monday.
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    Ichilov Medical Center
    (Photo: Meshi Ben Ami )
    In recent years, there have been several cases where infants had to be rushed to a hospital after accidental drug poisoning.
    In April 2018, a 10-month-old baby arrived at HaEmek Medical Center in Afula in northern Israel in a critical condition after suffering from respiratory arrest. In July of that year, an 11-month-old baby girl was admitted to hospital with traces of cannabis and heroin in her system.
    Exposure of infants and children to drugs leads to rapid and very severe side effects due to the fact that their undeveloped livers cannot process the toxins which reach the brain quickly.
    The ramifications of drug poisoning in children can be dire. These include brain damage, arrhythmias, and sometimes even ruptures of blood vessels and damage to liver and kidneys.

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