Palestinian rioters clash with Israeli troops in northern West Bank

Elisha Ben Kimon |
Published: 10.01.21, 15:56
Palestinian rioters clashed with Israeli troops Friday afternoon outside the wildcat outpost of Eviatar in the northern West Bank.
IDF forces used riot control measures, including a drone launching smoke bombs which crashed due to a malfunction.
Eviatar was established by a core of several settler families in a Palestinian rural area south of Nablus in May 2021 in protest of a terrorist attack perpetrated by a Palestinian which left one Jewish teenager dead and seriously wounded two of his friends. The move prompted a series of violent riots by local Palestinians.
On July 2, the residents of Eviatar struck an agreement with the Israeli government to vacate the area in return for the state running a survey of the land on which the outpost is situated. The state would work to establish a yeshiva on the land if it is found to be a part of state land.