Police bolster presence around Jerusalem ahead of tense High Holy Days

Thousands of police officers will be deployed to secure the capital during holiday season as flurry of recent terrorist attacks throughout West Bank keeps law enforcement on their toes

Haim Goldich|
Thousands of Israel Police and Border Police officers will be stationed across Jerusalem throughout the upcoming High Holy Days to prevent terrorist activity during the tense holiday season.
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  • Although law enforcement did not issue any warnings on imminent attacks, these precautions are taken out of an abundance of caution against the backdrop of a series of Palestinian terror attacks against Israeli civilians and soldiers throughout the adjacent West Bank.
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    מתפללים יהודים בהר הבית בתשעה באב
    מתפללים יהודים בהר הבית בתשעה באב
    Border Police on Temple Mount
    (Photo: Reuters)
    Tens of thousands of visitors are expected to arrive in the capital during the holiday season which will begin on Rosh Hashanah on September 25 and run through the end of October.
    Thousands of Jerusalem District policemen, Border Police officers and volunteers will be deployed throughout the city, with an emphasis on crowded places, holy sites and recreational areas. Several security and crowd control checkpoints will also be erected as part of police activity.
    The police said they will also block traffic to some roads and streets leading to the capital's Old City — a recurrent flashpoint of intercommunal violence.
    The Police said they will also conduct a series of preemptive arrests of potential high-risk suspects by the beginning of the holiday season.
    According to the police, arrests of potential hazards will be realized until the holidays, according to a situation assessment that will take place near this period.
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    דורון תורג'מן
    דורון תורג'מן
    Jerusalem District Police commander Deputy Commissioner Doron Turjeman
    (Photo: Israel Police)
    Jerusalem District Police commander Deputy Commissioner Doron Turjeman said that he and his officer intend to uphold the freedom of worship of all religions in the capital while maintaining the safety of the people, property and public order.
    He added that Jerusalem Police has foiled 47 terrorist attacks this year using a variety of means from monitoring social media to beat policing. Jewish worshippers will also be allowed to ascend the Temple Mount as usual and according to the rules on the ground.
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