All round political support for IDF Gaza operation

Opposition leader Yair Lapid and National Unity Party Chairman Benny Gantz express support say they government has their full backing;

Moran Azulay, Sivan Hilaie, Sharon Kidon, Yishay Shanrev|

Politicians from the opposition on Tuesday voiced their full support for the IDF's strikes on Gaza that targeted senior commanders of the Islamic Jihad.
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  בני גנץ, יאיר לפיד
  בני גנץ, יאיר לפיד
Yair Lapid, Benny Gantz
(Photo: Yoav Dudkevitch)
Opposition leader Yair Lapid praised the military operation in Gaza on Tuesday, stating "Full backing to Israeli security forces for the operation against the Islamic Jihad in Gaza." He is scheduled to meet Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday to receive a security briefing.
Lapid affirmed that the terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip were aware of their close monitoring by the intelligence community and security forces. He stressed that there would be a decisive response to any further terrorist attacks and that the Israeli military would act at a time and place of their choosing.
He also stated that all necessary measures would be taken to safeguard the residents of southern Israel. Following the security developments, Lapid canceled a scheduled press conference planned to discuss the cost of living.
Benny Gantz, Chairman of the National Unity Party, said that the enemies' assessment of the situation was incorrect, and he fully supports the IDF and the security forces in their operations.
Gantz welcomed the recent action in the Gaza Strip and expressed his hope that the government would continue to act with both determination and responsibility in future operations.
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בני גנץ
בני גנץ
National Unity Party chairman Benny Gantz
(Photo: Yoav Dudkevitch)
Yisrael Beitenu leader, Avigdor Liberman, congratulated the IDF and security forces for the targeted killing of three terrorists in Gaza, stating "The elimination of every terrorist, whoever he is, should be celebrated," Liberman said.
He called for the government to redirect funding towards protecting homes and infrastructure in the south and north, instead of giving it to coalition partners and associates, after the details of the National Budget bill were revealed on Monday.
Lieberman criticized Prime Minister Netanyahu's decision to give Hamas leaders immunity during the operation, stating "Precisely against the background of the elimination of the senior leaders of the jihad, the immunity that Netanyahu grants to the heads of Hamas is jarring."
He highlighted Hamas as the greater threat, responsible for shootings and directing terrorist activities against Jews throughout the country. Lieberman called for a comprehensive plan for Gaza, saying "You can't manage life from one military operation to the next."
MK Ze'ev Elkin of the National Unity Party said in an interview with Ynet Radio that "the model should be of the type that was in action a little less than a year ago.
"In the operation led by the previous government and Benny Gantz as the Minister of Defense, the entire senior military elite of the Islamic Jihad was eliminated. We managed to finish the round in a few days, I really hope that's what will happen right now."
General (ret.) Yair Golan who was a lawmaker for the leftist Meretz Party when it was in the parliament, said "It is impossible to know how Hamas will react, whether it will sit on the sidelines or decide to get its hands dirty. Israel needs to be prepared for escalation, there is no escaping it." He further expressed his hope that "what we saw this morning is the beginning of a new policy direction."
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ההריסות ברצועת עזה באיזורים בהם תקף צה"ל
ההריסות ברצועת עזה באיזורים בהם תקף צה"ל
Destruction in Gaza following IDF operation
(Photo: AP)
After Tuesday's targeting of three senior PIJ commanders in Gaza, marking the beginning of operation "Shield and Arrow", Defense Minister Yoav Gallant instructed calling up IDF reservists to bolster the front lines as well as the units supporting them.
Roads have been closed for traffic and several train lines have been suspended in areas adjacent to the Gaza Strip, and special safety directives have been released by Home Front Command.
The Israeli Defense Forces conveyed to Hamas that their actions were not targeted at them, stating "The operation is targeted solely against the Islamic Jihad," as confirmed by an IDF spokesperson."
Gaza Ministry of Health reported at least 13 fatalities and 20 injuries. Palestinian sources claimed that the Israeli Air Force and helicopters completely destroyed Islamic Jihad military facilities in contrast to previous attacks.
In addition to the threat of rocket fire from Gaza, the IDF was on high alert and gave heightened instructions to the Central Command and IOS Division due to the possibility of attacks in the West Bank.
The operation in Gaza had commenced approximately a week following a brief round of conflict with the Islamic Jihad, which started with the death of Khader Adnan, a prisoner who died following a hunger strike, and involved a volley of 104 rockets aimed at Israel, to which the IDF responded in a manner considered to be relatively mildly.
A key objective of the operation was to settle scores with those responsible for terrorism in the West Bank, and Shin Bet officials indicated that "it's about shifting the paradigm."
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