Israeli UN envoy calls for Guterres resignation over UNRWA role in Oct. 7 massacre

Gilad Erdan says the UN has yet to condemn the massacre committed by Hamas or unite to support Israel, failing to understand its responsibility to combat terror globally

Israel's UN envoy, Gilad Erdan on Monday slammed UN Secretary-General António Guterres calling on him to resign for his own failings in response to the Hamas October 7 massacre.
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Guterres defended UNRWA, the agency for Palestinian refugees, as the “backbone” of aid efforts in Gaza at a time when top Israeli authorities have called for its dismantling, in his speech to the Human Rights Council.
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מזכ"ל האו"ם אנטוניו גוטרש משבר מזון
מזכ"ל האו"ם אנטוניו גוטרש משבר מזון
Israel's UN envoy, Gilad Erdan, UN Secretary-General António Guterres
(Photo: AP, UN)
Erdan said Guterres, who expressed understanding for the massacre and solely focused efforts on Gaza's humanitarian situation, bears significant responsibility for UN agencies operating under him aiding terror, such as UNRWA becoming essentially a terror-supporting organization.
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עובד אונר"א חוטף גופה מבארי
עובד אונר"א חוטף גופה מבארי
UNRWA staff member kidnaps body of Israeli to Gaza during October 7 massacre
(Photo: From the Washington Post)
He accuses the Secretary-General of viewing the UN's role solely as aiding Gaza's pro-terror population, failing to understand its responsibility to combat terror globally and prevent crimes against humanity. Instead of criticizing others, Erdan asserts, Guterres should draw conclusions and resign immediately.
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