Biden calls Hamas attack 'sheer evil,' throws full support behind Israel

US will send ammunition and replenish Iron Dome interceptors, POTUS says in White House address; 'Like every nation in the world, Israel has a right to respond, a duty to respond'

Biden at White House: 'We stand by Israel! The only goal of Hamas - to murder Jews, they are like ISIS'
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U.S. President Joe Biden on Tuesday evening called the Hamas attack on Israel "an act of sheer evil" and announced that Washington would send military aid so that the Jewish state will "have what it needs to defend its cities and citizens."
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In a statement delivered from the White House, Biden said that Hamas' "sole purpose is to kill Jews." He also announced that the United States would send Israel ammunition and replenish its Iron Dome missile defense system interceptors.
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נשיא ארצות הברית ג'ו ביידן
נשיא ארצות הברית ג'ו ביידן
US President Joe Biden in speech from White House says US 'has Israel's back'
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The Democratic president confirmed that at least 14 Americans were killed in Saturday's surprise attack and that others are among the hostages being held captive by Hamas in Gaza.
"Sadly, for the Jewish people this is not new," Biden said of the attack, noting that the Jewish people suffer from the "scars left by a millennium of antisemitism and genocide."
Biden stressed that Israel will "have what it needs" and that "We are going to make sure Israel does not run out of these critical assets to protect its cities and its citizens." This includes sending more ammunition and interceptors for the Iron Dome missile defense system, which shoots most of the rockets fired from Gaza that head for populated areas. "We stand ready to move additional assets on as needed," he also said, adding that, "Like every nation in the world, Israel has a right to respond, a duty to respond."
Biden noted that he had spoken earlier on Tuesday with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the third conversation between the two leaders since the Hamas attack. He said he is also working with several European countries to formulate a unified response.
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איזור המסיבה ליד רעים על גבול עזה
איזור המסיבה ליד רעים על גבול עזה
IDF soldiers at scene of music festival where Hamas terorrists murdered more than 260 revelers
Biden said he would ask Congress to take "urgent action" to help fund Israel's efforts to help its citizens in the wake of the attack now that it has reconvened, though the recent ouster of U.S. Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy could present hurdles in the way.
According to Biden, U.S. experts are consulting with and advising Israel on hostage recovery. The U.S. president also said that throughout the United States, "Police departments have stepped up security around Jewish centers of life."
"Let there be no doubt, the United States has Israel's back," Biden said, warning any adversary of Israel that is considering taking advantage of the current war in Israel, "I have one word, Don't. Our hearts may be broken but our resolve is clear. We reject indiscriminate evil, just as we have always done."
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