Bedouin IDF recruit suspected of working for Gaza based terror group

Shehadeh Abu Alqian arrested by the Shin Bet days after his conscription into military in May, accused for enlisting on orders of the terror group; security forces say his motives were revenge for home demolition

Yoav Zitun, Ilana Curiel|
Shin Bet arrested Shehadeh Abu Alqian, in late May accusing him of enlisting under orders of the Hamas for the purpose of gathering intelligence, security forces said on Thursday.
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  • The 25-year-old Bedouin man was said to have photographed Israeli sites and stolen weapons for the Gaza-based terror group.
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    הבדואי מהנגב הונחה מעזה להתגייס לצה"ל כדי לקדם פעילות טרור
    הבדואי מהנגב הונחה מעזה להתגייס לצה"ל כדי לקדם פעילות טרור
    Shehadeh Abu Alqian wearing IDF uniform
    The suspect, who was recruited by Gazan terrorist group Kataeb al-Mujahideen, admitted in his interrogation, according to security officials, that he was motivated, not only by his sympathy towards the militant organization but also after the demolition of his home due to building code violations.
    After his interrogation by the Shin Bet he was arrested and charged for his active role in a terrorist group, aiding the enemy in war, revealing information that harms Israel's security, weapon theft and more.
    Abu Alqian's father's home was demolished in 2019. That same year, he stole an M-4 rifle from IDF soldier who were stationed nearby and hit it in a hole near his Negev home.
    He gave the organization information detailing IDF helicopters that would land close to where he lived, as well as pictures of military bases around Be'er Sheva.
    At that point he was instructed by the organization to join the IDF for the sake of delivering more military information.
    Two months after his induction, Alqian enlisted on May 22nd, and sent a picture of himself in uniform, as well as pictures and phone numbers of fellow Bedouin conscripts. He was arrested on May 30th.
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    מצעד של הזרוע הצבאית של הג'יהאד האיסלאמי לרגל סיום המערכה בעזה
    מצעד של הזרוע הצבאית של הג'יהאד האיסלאמי לרגל סיום המערכה בעזה
    Islamic Jihad Movement military parade
    (Photo: AFP)
    "The defendant acted against Israel's security for a long time before his arrest. He is charged with severe crimes, including aiding an enemy during war, a charge which is punishable by life in prison," the prosecution said.
    Though the suspect was said to have confessed his actions during his interrogation, his relatives said he denied the accusations. "If it is discovered that he committed these actions – he should be punished," a family member said and insisted they knew nothing of his plans.
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