Jordanian queen compares Hamas atrocities to pain of war

Doubling down on past claims Rania says Palestinians experienced 156 times what Israel suffered on October 7; says there is a slow motion mass murder of children in Gaza, five months in the making

Jordan's Queen Rania said on Monday that Israel is committing "atrocity after atrocity" in the Gaza Strip. In an interview with CNN on Monday the Jordanian royal said that Palestinians have experienced 156 instances similar to October 7, given the duration of the war.
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"As devastating and traumatic as October 7 was, it doesn't give Israelis a license to commit atrocity after atrocity. Israel experienced one October 7, since then the Palestinians have experienced 156 October 7. They have been going through this every day" Rania said.
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ראניה מלכת ירדן בריאיון ל-CNN
ראניה מלכת ירדן בריאיון ל-CNN
Jordan's Queen Rania
(Photo: CNN)
The queen said she saw an increasing number of infants dying from malnutrition and thirst, describing it as a "slow motion mass murder of children, five months in the making," calling it "absolutely shameful, outrageous, and entirely predictable," and deliberate."
In the interview, Rania claimed that It's not a coincidence that the world witnessed what she described as one of the most violent chapters in the war under one of the most extreme and racist governments in Israel's history. She said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's policy was based on clandestine support for Hamas to undermine the Palestinian Authority and claim there's no partner for peace.
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סיוע הומניטרי מוצנח מעל עזה
סיוע הומניטרי מוצנח מעל עזה
Humanitarian aid parachuted over Gaza
(Photo: EPA)
Rania also discussed the Israeli government's decision to approve the construction of 3,500 housing units in West Bank settlements. "As long as Israel is allowed to get away with breaking international law, as long as its allies don't hold it accountable, it will just increase the sense of impunity," she said. "So for years, Israel talks peace, but condemns it to death by settlements, making a convict contiguous, independent Palestinian state less viable by the day."
First published: 11:51, 03.12.24
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