IDF and Navy clear new long-range missile test launch

New missile and air defense system to be implemented to counter aerial threats risking Israel's waters and strategic assets; military calls test 'major milestone'

Yoav Zitun|
The IDF on Wednesday released footage of a successful experimental test launch of an LRAD long-range interceptor missile from a Navy missile cutter.
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  • The new missile, fired from a Sa'ar 6-class corvette, can intercept aircraft, cruise missiles, and more, and is part of the Sa’ar 6’s air defense system. The experimental launch was carried out by the IDF’s Navy, the Israeli Aerospace Industries, and the Defense Ministry's Research and Development Division (MAFAT).
    Test launch of long-range missile
    (Video: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit)
    According to the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, the experiment is a “major milestone” in developing a long-ranged interception missile for the Sa’ar 6’s air defense system, dubbed Barak MX. The Sa’ar 6 is slated to become a “central pillar” in defending Israeli assets inside its territorial waters.
    In the experiment, the missile system completed a simulation in which it locked and destroyed targets imitating advanced cruise missiles. The system's defensive array includes radar, weapon systems, and long-range missiles.
    The LRAD is capable of handling several types of aerial threats, including aircraft, drones, cruise missiles, anti-ship missiles, and more. “The system provides another layer of defense in the multilayered defense system which will bolster the offensive and defensive capabilities of the Sa’ar 6,” The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said.
    “The system is an important part of the Navy’s capabilities in air defense, naval superiority, and approach against threats and incidents at sea and on land. The new system is also expected to strengthen cooperation between the Navy and Air Force, adding new capabilities for both.”
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    יירוט מוצלח של מיירט ארוך טווח מ ספינת סער 6 כנגד מטרה שדימתה טיל שיוט מתקדם
    יירוט מוצלח של מיירט ארוך טווח מ ספינת סער 6 כנגד מטרה שדימתה טיל שיוט מתקדם
    Missile launch from a Sa'ar 6 corvette
    (Photo: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit)
    Brigadier General Ariel Shir, head of the Navy’s Logistics Division, said that “the capabilities of the new system are an important step forward, and provide a considerable addition to the Navy’s capabilities in defending Israel’s waters against ariel threats. These systems allow the watercraft to identify and intercept threats better and in longer distances.”
    He added: “The Israeli Aerospace Industries’ capabilities and determination alongside engineers from the Navy and MAFAT and with the high level of skill of the corvette’s soldiers and officers are what made the test launch possible and successful.”
    “The continuing cooperation between the Navy, Israeli Aerospace Industries, and MAFAT are key to continuing to bolster Navy vessels and to allow optimal protection of Israel’s waters and strategic assets today and in the future,” Shir said.
    The head of MAFAT’s Systems, Rockets, and Aerodynamics Department also commented on the experiment. “The test launch’s success means a technological breakthrough for naval defense systems facing aerial threats. The new system’s capability doubles the strength of both the Navy and the Sa’ar 6 corvettes.”
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    יירוט מוצלח של מיירט ארוך טווח מ ספינת סער 6 כנגד מטרה שדימתה טיל שיוט מתקדם
    יירוט מוצלח של מיירט ארוך טווח מ ספינת סער 6 כנגד מטרה שדימתה טיל שיוט מתקדם
    Missile fired from Sa'ar 6
    (Photo: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit)
    He added: “The system successfully identified the target simulating a cruise missile and launched the LRAD missile which intercepted it. The system proved it is up to standards set by MAFAT and the Navy, and its success makes us confident in its abilities to defend Israel’s strategic interests at sea.”
    Israeli Aerospace Industries CEO Boaz Levi said that “The Barak MX air defense system, which proved its efficacy against several levels of threats once again, provides a solution for challenges on the battlefield present today and in the future.”
    He added: “The series of successful launches mark the final process of developing and calibrating the new system. The advanced capabilities presented by these tests were developed by Israeli Aerospace Industries engineers, and prove the groundbreaking engineering achievements managed by the company and its employees.”
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