IDF operates in Shijaiyah in close combat with Hamas

Senior Hamas intelligence operative killed by IDF in strike on the terror groups intelligence command center overseeing surveillance of the entire Gaza Strip

IDF troops continued their operation in Shijaiyah, a Hamas stronghold, and are fighting Hamas terrorists in close contact. They successfully targeted Abd el-Aziz Rantisi a high-ranking members of the Hamas intelligence network in the Gaza Strip.
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Rantisi was in charge of all of Hamas' surveillance activities and was involved in planning the horrific attack on October 7.
IDF forces operating in Gaza
(Video: IDF Spokesperson's Unit)
He was killed in a strike on a key Hamas intelligence command center along with another operative. The command center was the strategic hub of all Hamas surveillance in Gaza.
Meanwhile, on the 62nd day of the war, troops spotted terrorists approaching an infantry unit from the Golani Brigade. They were carrying RPGs and opened fire at the force. After calling on air support, the terrorists were hit and killed.
Meanwhile fighting continues in Shijaiyah neighborhood located in the eastern part of Gaza City. This region has evolved into the epicenter of some of the most intense and grueling battles since the ground offensive resumed after a week-long truce.
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תיעוד פעילות  אוגדה 36 וסיירת חרוב במרחב שג'עייה
תיעוד פעילות  אוגדה 36 וסיירת חרוב במרחב שג'עייה
Shejaiya operations underway with Tanks
(Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit)
As dawn broke today, the neighborhood was witness to over 50 clashes with terrorist groups. Nearly 200 terrorists were killed, many by tank fire or snipers. The forces moved into the neighborhood from various directions, including from the Israeli border.
Unlike what transpired in other neighborhoods and towns in the northern Gaza Strip that the IDF took control of, many of the Hamas forces chose to stay.
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