Terrorists attempt to fire rocket from Jenin, but it fails to launch

IDF locates remnants of the rocket and the launch apparatus, as the forces also initiated a pursuit of suspected individuals involved
Yoav Zitun, Einav Halabi|

The video that was posted by the Ayyash Brigade

The terror organization Ayyash Brigade, which is affiliated with Hamas, attempted to launch a rocket on Tuesday from an undisclosed location in the Jenin area in the West Bank. However, their attempt failed when the rocket misfired.
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The Israel Defense Forces swiftly located the remnants of the rocket and the launch apparatus. Expert sappers are currently assessing the presence of explosive materials at the site. The IDF has indicated that the findings will undergo further security assessment and handling.
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משגר רקטות במחנה הפליטים ג'נין
משגר רקטות במחנה הפליטים ג'נין
The rocket launcher near the Jenin area
The military also initiated a pursuit of suspected individuals involved in the failed rocket launch. The remnants of the explosive rocket were found at the launch site, which was located within Palestinian territory near an industrial zone in the northern West Bank.
In an official statement released after the unsuccessful launch, the Ayyash Brigade declared that the attempt was made "in response to the enemy's crimes against our people and as a reprisal for the blood of our martyrs, which fuels our Jihad. This incident is part of our ongoing preparation and development process."
Despite the rocket launch failure, the terror organization asserted: "Our fighters successfully targeted the Shaked settlement, west of Jenin, using a Qassam missile." The statement added that: "Despite the complex security conditions, limited capabilities and significant security constraints, we persist in our mission to make their lives a living hell."
This launch attempt adds to a series of unsuccessful rocket launch endeavors from the Jenin area toward Jewish communities. The most recent rocket fired at the end of July fell within Palestinian territory.
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