Israel's coronavirus death toll hits 1,500 as 49 die in 24 hours

Health Ministry says it has conducted limited testing during Yom Kippur, with only 3,426 new confirmed cases, but infection rate remains at alarming 14%; PM holds talks ahead of Yom Kippur, discussing lockdown exit strategy

Israel's coronavirus death toll has reached 1,507 after 49 more patients have died in the past 24 hours, the Health Ministry reported on Monday evening.
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  • The ministry said they conducted 25,204 COVID-19 tests on Sunday, with 3,426 of them returning positive. The figures put the contagion rate at 14%.
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    מתקן טיפול נמרץ לחולי קורונה בחניון רמב"ם
    מתקן טיפול נמרץ לחולי קורונה בחניון רמב"ם
    Coronavirus ward at Haifa's Rambam Health Care Campus
    (Photo: AFP)
    Testing was limited during Yom Kippur, with only 5,900 tests conducted since midnight Monday, of which 826 returned positive.
    The number of people in serious condition has increased to 772, of whom 208 are ventilated. Health officials said among the ventilated are a 9-year-old girl and an 18-year-old teenager.
    In the meantime, police said that during Yom Kippur 3,922 people received fines for violating the government orders as part of the nationwide lockdown.
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    תל אביב
    תל אביב
    The streets of Tel Aviv on Yom Kippur
    (Photo: AP)
    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he held a series of talks ahead of Yom Kippur, which focused on how to manage the virus from the moment the lockdown is over until the day a vaccine is available.
    Among the proposals are close management of serious patients in an effort to bring the tally down and goals for a gradual exit from the current lockdown.
    On Wednesday, the coronavirus cabinet is set to convene to discuss the proposals and "the continuation of the lockdown outline, the criteria for moving to the next stages and additional measures aimed to reduce infection."
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