Israeli tourist rescued after falling down Italy volcano

Father scaling to summit of Mount Stromboli, north of Sicily, slips down volcano's cauldron, suffering fractures to his ribs and right shoulder; son rescued unharmed

An Israeli tourist was rescued after falling down the volcano of Stromboli in southern Italy, local media and Italian authorities reported on Monday.
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  • The man, who is in his 60s, was scaling to the summit of the volcanic island, north of Sicily, when he slipped down the volcano's cauldron and fell nearly 50 meters (164 feet), suffering fractures to his ribs and right shoulder.
    Israeli tourist rescued after falling down a volcano in Itarly
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    The man's son, who was hiking with him, and another local called up the national gendarmerie force the Carabinieri. A helicopter was deployed to the scene to help in the rescue efforts alongside firefighters, volunteers and military personnel.
    The man was winched into the helicopter and transferred to a nearby village where he received preliminary medical attention. He was later transferred to Papardo Hospital in Messina, Sicily. The son was also rescued unharmed.
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    איטליה התפרצות הר געש באי סטרומבולי תייר נהרג
    איטליה התפרצות הר געש באי סטרומבולי תייר נהרג
    A massive ash column rising from the volcano of Stromboli, Italy, July 2019
    (Photo: Reuters)
    Mount Stromboli rises to a height of about 926 meters (0.6 miles). It has erupted many times and is constantly active with minor eruptions, often visible from many points on the island and from the surrounding sea, giving rise to the island's nickname "Lighthouse of the Mediterranean."
    The volcano's last major eruption occurred in July 2019, sending an ash column up 2,000 meters (6,600 feet) in the air. One person was killed in the eruption. Stromboli erupted again two months later, sending terrified tourists running.
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