IDF troops on the Lebanon border

Three rockets fired at Israel from Lebanon, land in sea

No injuries or damage reported; local residents say they heard loud explosions but no sirens sounded; Lebanese reports say rockets fired by Palestinians who were later apprehended; Lebanese authorities investigating

Ahiya Raved |
Published: 05.13.21, 22:08
The Israel Defense Forces confirmed Thursday that three rockets had been fired at the Western Galilee from Lebanese territory and had landed in the Mediterranean Sea.
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  • There were no injuries or damage reported.
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    כוחות צה"ל גבול לבנון
    כוחות צה"ל גבול לבנון
    IDF troops on the Lebanon border
    (Photo: AP/Archive)
    It appears that the rockets were fired by Palestinian militants in the region and not by Hezbollah, Israel's main enemy on its northern border.
    Reports from Lebanon said that members of the local security forces apprehended those who fired the rockets in the city of Tyre in the south of the country.
    The Lebanese authorities were investigating the incident, the reports said.
    Residents of the Western Galilee said they had heard loud explosions but no sirens sounded.
    This is not the first time that groups in Lebanon have fired on Israel while it was fighting Hamas in Gaza.
    A rocket was also fired from Lebanon during the 2014 Gaza war.
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